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Softgel Drying Tray Big Size& No Holes

1.sanitary degree hole at the bottom
3. big size
4. PP& ABS material as options
5. Smooth surface, absolutely no damage to capsules


Big Size Softgel Drying Tray No Holes

Softgel Drying Tray Data
1. Tray size: 765*614*40mm(Length*Width* Height)
2. Tray net weight: 3.25kg
3. Packing Detail: 5trays per carton.
4. Smooth surface, no blur, non-toxic, no damage or scratch to softgel surface.
5. Material: ABS material, non-toxic, non-bad odor, sanitary food degree.

PP Softgel Drying Tray Data:
1. Tray size: 758*608*40MM(Length*Width* Height)
2. Tray net weight: 2.35kg
3. Packing Detail: 10trays per carton.

Drying trays with holes and PP material:  

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