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Automatic Capsule Counting Filling Bottling Line


Automatic Capsule Counting Filling and Bottling Machine

Here we’d like to introduce our automatic capsule counting filling bottling line can count and fill solid pieces into bottles and jars. By automatic packing line, factory owners can have at least the following benefits:solid-capsule-bottling-line-workflow1. Reducing the labor strength and labor workload; reduce labor costs from the long term.
2. Improve work efficiency;
3. Advance the level of automation intelligence;
4. Improve the packing appearance so as to increase product competitiveness; reducing the difference of each package.
5. Reducing the contact between human and capsules food, which is less cross-contamination.


Capsule Counting Filling and Bottling Machine Demo Video 

Empty Bottle Unscrambler 

Bottle-unscramblerThe first step in softgel capsule bottling line is to line up the empty capsule bottles, having them stand one by one with bottle mouth upwards and then transferred onto filling station smoothly. JSLP-100X bottle unscrambler is for bottle unscrambling on the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, and other production lines. Its unique bottle rotating separating, shifting, and turning mechanism greatly improves the output of bottle sorting and conveying. We further improve the JSLP series bottle unscrambler to less energy consumption. Connecting it into the softgel packing line can continuously supply bottles to the subsequent processes, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the entire capsule counting and packing line.

Bottle Unscrambler Features

The structure of the whole machine is simple, the operation display is clear and easy to understand; The bottle sorting tray can be adjusted steplessly to ensure the same speed as the filling line speed at the rear; Unique bottle turning mechanism, fast bottle sorting speed and low noise; The parts in contact with the bottle are made of non-toxic nylon material; The outlet of the bottle is controlled by the photoelectric automatic control of the start and stop of the bottle unscrambler, to avoid the accumulation and deformation of the bottle; Automatic bottle sorting to reduce the labor intensity of workers; The shell of the fuselage is made of stainless steel 304, which complies with GMP requirements; The machine can be equipped with a protective glass cover to ensure the safety of the operator; Optional lifting feeder can be selected to reduce the number of times the operator adds materials.

Bottle Unscrambler Technical Parameter

Softgel Filling and Counting Machine

softgel-filling-counting-machineThe softgel capsule filling and counting machine is an electronic counting and filling equipment controlled by a full microcomputer. This machine adopts multi-stage vibration filling, controlled by a microcomputer and scanned and counted. The color touch screen human-machine interface, the vibration dispensing speed, and the photoelectric system are controlled by artificial intelligence(AI). It has system self-checking, fault indication alarm, and other protection technologies. It meets the GMP standard, suitable for filling tablets, capsules, pills, and soft capsules accurately and quickly in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, hospitals, and other industries.

Electronic Capsule Counting and Filling Machine Characteristics

1. Accurate counting: bottling accuracy is better than national standards;
2. Double-stage vibration, stable operation, low noise;
3. Bottle-fed by conveyor;
4. Material blocking alarm, the machine stops when there is no bottle passing by;
5. User-friendly operation interface, disassembly, cleaning, simple and convenient;
6. The structure is small and easy to move; With touch screen and PLC, the operation is very easy. The vibration chute can spread capsules evenly on the chute, avoid capsule be clogged, and not falling down. High accuracy, wide applicable range and adopting the dust-resistance photoelectric detection technology. It is realizing the counting and split charging for the tablet including the shaped tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule (transparent and nontransparent), and pill.

Auto Capsule Counting and Filling Data

Desiccant Inserting Machine

Desicant-Inserting-MachineDesiccant inserting machine is fully automatic packaging equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with national GMP standards and process requirements; Suitable for medicine, chemical industry, food, and other industries. It is a special equipment to prevent the items in the bottle from being damp during transportation and storage. It can insert desiccant into each bottle automatically and correctly. This machine adopts PLC programmable controller to control the production of the whole machine. The user can freely set the production volume and choose bottles of different specifications within the design range of the machine. This machine can not only be used independently but also can be combined with capsule counting machines, bottle capping machines, sealing machines, and bottle labeling machines. Therefore, the automatic desiccant insertion machine is a mechanical device with a wide range of applications, easy operation, reliable operation, and easy maintenance.

Desiccant Inserting Machine Parameter 

High Speed Capping Machine

Bottle-Capping-MachineThe high-speed capping machine is a new generation of capping equipment designed and manufactured by our company for the matching of food, tablet, daily chemical production line, and automatic capping process. It is different from the traditional intermittent capping machine and overcomes the shortcomings slow capping speed, too tight capping, damages to bottle caps, and small application scope. In the design of our bottle capping machine, new technologies such as linear bottle feeding, automatic cap falling, and uninterrupted capping are adopted.
* The widely used vibration-type capping device can be selected in the capping design, which is suitable for most bottle cap products.
* The advanced lifting capping device can be selected and used in the capping machine, which avoids the noise of oscillating capping and makes the output greatly improved.

Bottle Capping Machine Parameter 

 Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Induction-Alu-Foil-Sealing-MachineJSR-4000 electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine is a new generation of sealing equipment that replaces the backward technology of cork stopper and wax dipping. It is an ideal sealing device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to instantly generate high heat to the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth, thereby fusing the aluminum foil to the bottle mouth to achieve the purpose of sealing.
After sealing with aluminum foil sealing machine, the product has good moisture-proof and mildew-proof effects, so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging product storage period and anti-counterfeiting. Printing a trademark on the aluminum foil can also effectively prevent the production of counterfeit products. Specially used in the sealing process of medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricants, and other industries.
The material of the container can be polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester (PET), polystyrene (PS), glass, etc., and cannot be used for metal bottle bodies and caps.

Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine Features

1.The Induction sealing machine has a wide range of applications. The standard type of sealing machine can meet the 120 ~ 150mm diameter bottle mouth sealing. It is easy to switch between different specifications and easy to adjust.
2. The overall machine is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and meets GMP requirements.
3. The double cooling system provides better protection for long-term stable operation of the equipment: forced water cooling inside the radiator, super-strong external air cooling, cooling performance more than 20% stronger than other similar sealing machines, so that the hot sealing machine can work stably for a long time, to achieve good and high quality sealing result. The sealing height can be applied to bottles of various heights by easy adjustment.
4. Automatic protection: when the whole machine is over temperature, over current, and overpressure, the high frequency will automatically stop heating to realize the protection function;
5. Built-in intelligent power supply system to ensure constant power output can work normally under grid fluctuations.
6. Optional non-aluminum foil rejection mechanism can be selected to prevent unsealed products from flowing out of the production line and safe to use.
7. Flexible application, with automatic bottle separation function, can be produced in a single machine, can also be used with or embedded in the assembly line, suitable for the production of mass production products in the assembly line;

Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine Data 

Round Bottle Labeling Machine 

automatic-labeling-machineVertical round bottle labeling machine is the ideal equipment for round bottle labeling in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, and other light industry industries. It can be used for full circle labeling and half-circle labeling. This machine has advanced functions, simple operation, and a compact structure. Using photoelectric detection, PLC control, touch-type software operation, the conveyor belt, bottle separating wheel, and bottle rolling belt is step-less speed regulation, which has the advantages of accurate labeling and high precision; at the same time, there is no labeling and automatic calibration without labels.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine Characteristics 

The labeling has a wide range of application, the labeling between the bottles is simple to switch, and the adjustment is convenient;
The labeling accuracy is high, and the label tape adopts a deviation correction mechanism. The label tape does not deviate, the stability is good, the label is flat, no wrinkles, and no bubbles;
Excellent labeling quality, using elastic pressure labeling belt, flat labeling, no wrinkles, improving packaging quality;
The labeling speed, conveying speed and bottle splitting speed can be adjusted steplessly, which is convenient for production personnel to adjust according to actual needs;
The mechanical adjustment part structured combination and clever design of label winding, the freedom of labeling position fine-tuning is convenient (after adjustment, it can be completely fixed), making the conversion between different products and label winding simple and time-saving;
The main material of the equipment is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, the overall structure is firm and beautiful;
Adopt mature brand PLC + touch screen + stepper motor + sensor electric control system control, high safety factor, human-computer interaction interface full Chinese comment and perfect fault prompt function, operation teaching function; easy to use, simple maintenance;
The patent design of the bottom paper collection ensures that the paper collection will not be broken
Large control box, it is easier to dissipate heat inside the appliance, it is convenient to detect and increase the firmness.
The main components are precision machined by computer numerical control machine tools, the mechanical actions are coordinated, stable, and durable.
The aluminum alloy surface is treated with anode sandblasting, which has higher strength and beautiful appearance.
The bottom of the device is equipped with casters and trumpet feet, which is convenient for retaining and moving.
Can be connected or stand-alone
Perfect equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade, and other explanatory materials) to provide adequate protection for the normal operation of the equipment;
With no objects and no labels, no-standard automatic correction, and automatic detection functions.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine Parameter 

Do you want to have your capsule filling, counting, bottling, capping, labeling all in an automatic packaging line?  Feel free to contact us.  


Room Requirement for Softgel Packing Line.

The whole softgel packing and bottling line size is about 10meter*1.8meter(Length* Width) machine only);  For limited length room, the packaging line can turn over into an angle.



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