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Automatic Softgel Washing Machine


New Automatic Softgel Washing Machine

Project Background
The conventional softgel washing is usually done manually, which has high labor intensity and long cleaning time. The cleaning result of each batch is different, which generally affects the production schedule. The auto softgel washing machine is to improve cleaning efficiency, to reduce labor strength, and to ease softgel production. Of course, it is not a necessary step in softgel manufacturing. According to different production workflows and techniques, and also upon different softgel types, some softgel no need washing.

A new breakthrough to wash off softgel surface oil

1. Why to invert this softgel washing machine? 
2. What's the design principle? 
3. What's the working Steps? 
4. Consumption and efficiency.

Technical Solution Description
The automatic softgel washing machine is an automatic cleaning device independently developed by our company based on the past pains such as long cleaning time and large alcohol consumption. It can realize automatic conveying and feeding, online ultrasonic de-contamination, online spray washing, automatic discharge. The entire cleaning process is automatic, simple, stable, and reliable structure. As a result, such equipment greatly reduces the labor force and improves cleaning efficiency and result.

We recommend to use a softgel automatic washing machine equipped with two sections of drying tumbler dryer, which can realize online automatic softgel washing and automatic air-drying process, as shown in the following figure:


Softgel Washing Machine Working Principle

Feed softgel into rotating baskets via feeding port manually; then the softgel will be soaked into alcohol, washed under the help of ultrasonic and conveyed slowly forward to discharge port(the ultrasonic generator is installed underneath). At the end of the washing machine, there is a row of spray balls. Therefore before softgel discharge, spray balls clean and ensure all softgel are evenly washed. The washed alcohol can circulate for a second use via a circulation pump.

Softgel Washing Machine Speed Estimation
Tumbler dryer rotating speed is 6r/min, diameter: 400mm, line speed: 7.536m/min; Maximum washing capacity is 64L/min; one hour can finish 240kg softgel washing. Alcohol consumption: alcohol tank 20L, one hour to replace new alcohol.

Operation Process
a) Connect well the input and discharge port of alcohol;

b) Turn on the circulating pump to add alcohol to the spray tank and ultrasonic cleaning tank until the specified liquid level;
c) Turn on the rotating basket, turn on the ultrasonic generator, and turn on the circulation pump to spray and wash;
d) Start feeding, the capsule passes through the feed hopper to the basket, and soaked in alcohol are cleaned by ultrasonic waves
e) Softgel conveys to the next section through the guide groove, the spray ball is aligned with the guide groove, and the passing balls are completely washed.
f) Slowly discharge softgel


Technical Points
1) PLC and touch screen can control the machine because the machine uses alcohol to clean softgel; there are necessary safety and precaution.

2) Adopt three-level user authority control, set working authority and operation scope according to level;
3) Place the electrical cabinet in a non-explosion-proof and non-clean area; Put the operation panel in an anti-explosive room.
4) The switching valve adopts pneumatic valve;
5) Inlet and outlet use quick open and easily disassemble ways. Washing alcohol put in a non-clean explosion-proof area, pump to use when need.
6) Equipped with a circulating pump to circulate and clean the capsules in the rotating cage;
7) Provide compressed air source, provide AC380V

Technical Parameter

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