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Big Size Softgel Tumbler Dryer With Dehumidifier


Large Size Softgel Tumbler Dryer With Dehumidifier

Advantages of the All-in-One Softgel Tumbler Dryer
1. Smart-type tumbler dryer can monitor the whole drying process in real-time with drying data for record and reference.
2. Each section of the rotating basket is independent, closed, and airflow self-circulated. This means a much less requirement for workshop environments such as temperature and humidity.
3. Drying data to back up: using regular tumbler dryer, to dry 1.6 million 500mg softgel, need a drying room of about 80-100 square meters. Power consumption of the rotary dehumidifier is upto 80-100KW, time consumption about 24-28 hours. Now with an all-in-one big tumbler dryer with dehumidifier: 8 drying baskets consume 48Kw power and 16hours to reach softgel final drying. It is much energy and time saving as well as room space, air-conditioning pipes saving.
4. The temperature of each basket is self-controlled the same as that of humidity. This shortens the drying time, saves the labor of flipping trays to reduce the production cost, and lower labor working strength.
5. According to different types of softgel capsules, different drying parameters can be set to optimize the drying process.

Softgel Tumbler Dryer with Dehumidifier Data

Basket size φ1000*1000mm, diameter and length
Dimension/SET 2400*1380*1915mm
Cleanroom condition 22-24℃, humidity under 60%
Loading capacity 80-100kg, suggested: 80kg
Regenerative hot and humid air 200cubic meters/hour should be vent outer doors
Fan power 0.4KW*4=1.6Kw
Regenerative wind electric heating 9*0.8Kw=7.2Kw SSR(power consumption 50%)
Transmission power 1.5KW*2=3KW
Main fan power 0.37KW*2=0.74KW df-6
Dehumidification 1600 cubic meters/h Changes: 900 times/h
Dehumidification water 3kg/H
Power AC380V/50HZ/3phase, earth and neutral wire
Compressed air 4kp
Industrial chiller (user prepare) 3P/set needed

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