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Big Stand-Alone Indepedent Tumbler Dryer


Big Stand-Alone Indepedent Tumbler Dryer

Big Stand-Alone Indepedent Tumbler Dryer Description
Specially designed large size basket, with individual controlling and setting. Used together as groups or one by one. Each basket is separated from another, not influence each other.
The filter is quick and easy to change. The softgel inlet hopper and outlet can be quickly assembled and disassembled without needing of special tools. They are convenient for random combination. The inside cylinder pushes the basket for easy pulling out to clean. Stainless steel cover has gas spring to support. When the cover is opened, the basket will stop rotating. Only need one worker can push.



TD-3FG Softgel Capsule Tumbler Dryer Parameter


  • Big basket size: 800x1100mm.
  • Finely coved by 304 stainless steel material, contact part 316L.
  • Inverter control from 0-15 rpm.
  • Clockwise and anti-closewise rotation direction can set.
  • Soft start from 0 rpm. So there will be no sudden vibration.
  • Well-polished inside and outside, smooth and no damage to softgel.
  • Random combination of baskets is available, best for small batch production※※
  • Inlet and outlet can be quickly assembled and disassembled, no need tools.
  • Basket can be pushed out by built in cylinder. ※※
  • Stainless steel cover opens with gas spring inside, quite easy to open. ※※
  • Basket stop rotating when cover opened.
  • Oil pan at bottom to hold foreign objects.
  • Only one worker is required to operate.

Tumbler Dryer Structure


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