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Plastic Bottle Feeder|Bottle Collector


Plastic Bottle Feeder|Bottle Collector

Bottle Feeder and Bottle Collector Introduction

The bottle feeder and bottle collector is suitable for the automatic sorting and arrangement of various round impact-resistant bottles (containers), which can replace the disadvantages of manually placing bottles one by one on the conveyor belt of the subsequent equipment in the past so that the bottles can enter the next process in an orderly manner. It is mainly used for the Pharmaceutical industry, key product industry, food industry, and related industries.
The machine has a simple structure and has the functions of bottle slowing and bottle storage; convenient transmission, low maintenance rate, and convenient handling. Different bottle supply speeds can be set according to the needs of the production line to meet the various requirements of users.
This machine is an economical bottle unscrambling equipment, which can be used alone or form a complete bottling production line with other equipment produced by our company.

Working Principle

The bottle (container) enters the turntable from the manual/upstream conveying line. According to the preset setting, the turntable rotates at a certain speed. Through the rotation, the bottle is output from the outlet end as required and enters the next process (product conveyor belt), which can be adjusted by speed The controller adjusts the bottle feeding speed.

Work Process

Bottle unscrambling: put the product (can be connected to the assembly line) → rotate the bottle for bottle → enter the next process.
Collection: labeling completed → rotating collection → enter the next process.


Bottle Feeder and Bottle Collector Characteristics

  • This machine is a mechanical and electrical integration equipment, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and stable in operation;
  • The bottle unscrambler can be adjusted steplessly to ensure that it is consistent with the line speed of the subsequent equipment;
  • The body shell is made of stainless steel 304 material, which meets the requirements of GMP;
  • Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and other explanatory materials) provide sufficient guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment.


Bottle Feeder and Bottle Collector Parameter  

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