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Box Labeling Machine|Diagonal Angle Sticker Labeler



JS-3520C Box Labeling Machine

Box Labeling Machine JS-3520C Performance Characteristics

1. Box labeling equipment designs for carton diagonal labeling and sealing;
2. This labeling device is equipped with a box separating mechanism to allow objects to enter the labeling area at equal distances;
3. It can also be connected to the upper production line for use;
4. Use a pressure plate for labeling to make labeling more firmly attached to objects’ surfaces;
5. The main motor is a stepping motor.

Carton Labeling Machine Functions

♣Single and diagonal labeling of flat and square boxes of different specifications;
♣Synchronized chain calibration mechanism to ensure smooth and accurate adjusting;
♣Transparent sticker labels without blistering or wrinkling.

Automatic Box Labeling Machine Parameter:   

Voltage specification: AC220V 50/60HZ single phase
Power consumption: 1.75Kw/hour
Labeling speed: 0-200 boxes/minute (based on label length)

Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm (except for the error between the box and the label itself)
Printer speed: 0-120 times/minute (synchronized with labeling)
Applicable container size: 300*150* 80mm (maximum size)

Applicable label size: diameter (round label)≤50mm
Largest label size: diameter:380mm; inside sticker roll: 76mm
The distance between the top and bottom of the label and the bottom of the backing paper is 2mm
Dimensions: 1700* 850*1700mm
Gross Weight: 800Kg

Automatic Box Labeling Machine Operation Video: (carton diagonal labeling and sealing)


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If you are interested in any items, feel free to contact us. There will be sure one suits your needs.

Box Label Applicator Machine Structure Review: 

box-labeling-machine-2Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine Parts Zoom 

labeling-machine-details Box Labeling Machine JS-3520C Electric Components List 

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