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Sachet Packing Machine|2020 New DXDK1080

△ Reduce the labor strength
△ Increasing productivity
△ Reducing the debug time in the process of debugging and products changes
△ Reducing the rejection rate


China Sachet Packing Machine

Model: DXDK1080  

Name: Sachet Filling and Cutting Machine.  

What Sachet or Stick Bar/Coffee Bar We Can Packing?  


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China DXDK1080 Automatic Servo Driven Sachet Packing Machine Features: 

DXDK1080 Sachet Packing Machine is a servo-driven packing machine. The construction is stable, running smoothly, high speed, high precision measurement, easy to adjust, etc. At present, it is the most advanced four-side-sealing sachet packing machine for medicine in the Chinese market. All parts of the machine convenient to adjust, shortcuts and reducing the whole machine repair rate.

  • It also can reduce the labor strength, increasing productivity, reducing the debug time in the process of debugging and product changes, reducing the rejection rate.
  • Correcting double-side symbols, automatic tracking adjustment.
  • A series packing program completed automatically that is making bags, measure, filling, sealing, cutting, easy tear notches, line-crow easy tear line, typing code, accountings and so on.
  • One filling and automatically packing multilane bags is completed at the same time.

Sachet Packing Machine Parameter

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