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CIP SIP Spray Ball



Spray Cleaning Ball

The spray cleaning ball is a rotating cleaning ball, which uses cleaning liquid for full spray and cleaning the container. It adopts an innovative trough design and is efficient in cleaning. For example, the use of medium and high pressure, low flow spray technology can effectively remove the residue in the pharmaceutical liquid tank. The use of low pressure, high flow spray technology can effectively prevent the growth of microorganisms on the inner wall of the tank. Our gelatin melting tank and medicine preparation tank are equipped with quick-open cleaning spray balls, and the installation location and installation quantity can be selected according to customer requirements.
Working Principle
The cleaning medium is sprayed through the nozzle in the set direction, and the reaction force is used to generate self-rotation. With the rotation of the spray ball and the precise layout of the spray nozzles, the dirt is resolved and washed away from the surface of the tank through rapid and repeated spraying. A 360° cleaning result can achieve the best effect.

Parameter :
Material: 304/316L
Specification: DN10~DN50
Lubricating: via cleaning solution
Installation direction: as requested
Work pressure: 1-3 bar; Recommended pressure: 2 bar
Working temperature: 95°C
Cleaning angle: 360° or customized
Cleaning diameter: 0.5~4m
Connection method: thread, welding, pin, quick open



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