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Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine JS-2510D



JS-2510D Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Brief Introduction and Characteristics

1. This double-side sticker labeling machine can be used for single-sided or double-sided (short label) round bottles; single-sided and double-sided square bottles; and single-sided and double-sided flat bottles (such as shampoo, shower gel, cooking oil, lubricants, washing detergents, eye drops, etc.). Wide range of applications and strong adaptability.
2. Label supply and dispense is stable and fast supply, ensuring the speed and accuracy of label feeding.
3. The bottle separating mechanism uses a synchronous wheel for stepless speed regulation, and the separating distance can be set arbitrarily.
4. The synchronization chain is used in the calibration mechanism to ensure the stability and accuracy of the calibration.
5. The pressing mechanism is adjusted by a screw, with precise movements and a big adjustment range, which can adapt to various bottle specifications.
6. Synchronous positioning mechanism for labels, accuracy is within±  0.5mm.
7. Human-machine interface HMI, any abnormal will be displayed and guide troubleshooting, simple operation, anyone can easily operate and quickly use the device.
8. Multi-point emergency stop button. An emergency stop button can be installed at the appropriate position on the production line to make the connection safe and production smooth.
9. The length of the label is determined by the length. The photosensor cooperates with the microcomputer to calculate automatically. There is no need to adjust the position of the photosensor. Any label length can be modified in the man-machine interface, which is convenient to use.

Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Operation Video: (two sides labeling machine)

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JS-2510D Two Side Labeling Machine Parameter  

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JS-2510D Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Electric Components List  


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