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Flat Labeling Machine Of Flat Surface Label Applicator



Flat Labeling Machine|Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

Model: JS-1530F
For different sizes of flat surfaces like the flat bottle, square bottle, carton surface, can flat top 

Flat Labeling Machine Brief Introduction

Joysun JS-1530F model flat surface labeler is designed for flat objects including flat bottles, square bottles, carton surfaces, paper surfaces, can cap labeling and top labeling. It is widely used in after-packaging lines. It can be connected to the packaging line with an unscrambler machine at the head and inspection machine behind.

Flat Labeling Machine with Optional Functions

① Hot coding/printing function (production date, product batch number, expiration date);
②Automatic feeding function (considering product consideration);
③ Automatic receiving function (considering product consideration);

Label Requirements

1. The interval between the labels is 2-4mm;
2. The label is 2mm away from the edge of the bottom paper;
3. The bottom paper of the label uses glassine base paper, which has good toughness to prevent breaking;
4. The inner diameter of the core is 76mm, and the outer diameter is less than 280mm.card-labeling-sample

Automatic Flat Labeling Machine Characteristics: 

1. The card, paper is stable and the card is sorted with advanced sorting technology. The sorting rate is much higher than the regular ones.
2. Card labeling speed is high, for example, the supervision code for the medicine box can be stabilized at more than 150 pieces/minute;
3. Wide range of applications, can be used to label a variety of cards, paper, and other items, suitable for unfolded carton labeling;
4. The labeling accuracy is stable. The pressing roller is used to press the workpiece, and the conveying is stable, and it can not be warped to ensure the labeling accuracy.
5. The structured combination of mechanical adjustment part and the clever design of label winding, labeling position are easy to fine-tune, which makes the conversion between different products and label winding easy and time-saving;

Can Top Labeling Machine Operation Video: (Paper labeling machine)

Horizontal Labeling Machine Parts Zoom 

automatic-labeling-machine-detailJS-1530F  Paper Labeling Machine Parameter  

JS-1530F Sticker Labeling Machine Electric Components List  

Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine Parts Zoom


Automatic Labeling Machine for Sales 


Our auto label machine also has below models and applications:
1) Labeling Machine for Round Bottle JSL-1520R 
2) Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine JSL-2510D(two stickers adhere to the surface at the time)
3) Vial Labeling Machine JSL-1582V(also known as small bottle labeling machine, or tube ampoule labeling machine)
4) Box Labeling Machine JSL-3520C(also known as small bottling machine, or tube labeling machine)
If you are interested in any items, feel free to contact us. There will be sure one suits your needs.


Other self-adhesive sticker labeling machines that we can do.





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