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Fully Automatic Softgel Gelatin Coloring Machine

1.coloring time can be set
2.coloring mixer position can be set
3.coloring mixer automatic up/down upon setting record, storage, print, and exchange with MES system, optional.


Fully Automatic Gelatin Coloring Machine

Gelatin Coloring Machine Introduction
Joysun pharma gelatin coloring machine designs to mix pigment with gelatin solution to a homogenous status. So that makes softgel or paintball a more appealing look. It is a very useful and handy device in softgel encapsulation production line. Suits for the paintball coloring and softgel coloring process. With a mixing speed of 0-1400RPM, variable speed control, the pigment can be evenly dispersed among gelatin solutions.

We have several types of coloring machines as optional.
There is easy simple and cheap one for small-batch gelatin coloring; mass production gelatin coloring machine of 7.5kW with button and switch control cabinet; fully automatic Touch screen and PLC control gelatin coloring machine by which, the coloring time can set, coloring head position can set, no matter what’s the gelatin tank size. And heavy-duty coloring machine of 13kW for paintball production. Joysun is capable of making customized machines. Contact us for special types. 

Gelatin Color Mixing Tank Structure and Characteristics
1. Motor driving agitator directly, no reducer
2. The coloring head adopts high shear mixing can up to 1400rpm according to the frequency controller.
3. Stainless Steel 304 covers the whole machine, very nice outside, and suitable to place in the cleanroom.
4. Mixing head can stop at any time and any position during mixing within a certain distance.
5. It can be used with a gelatin service tank; after mixing, move the gel service tank away.
6. Simple design, less qualification work, easy operation, easy-clean, and less maintenance.
7. Options: we developed several types of gelatin color mixers to meet different needs and budgets. There are fully automatic PLC models of log record and time setting, up/down journey setting and etc.


Gelatin Color Mixer Parameter


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