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Gelatin Hopper| Gelatin Box

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Gelatin Hopper on Softgel Encapsulation Machine

The two gelatin hopper is fixed on both sides of the encapsulation mechanism respectively and suspend above the gelatin ribbon drum. The gelatin liquid is spread on the rotating gelatin ribbon cooling drum to form gelatin film. The heating pipe and temperature sensor are set on the gelatin hopper. Read and set the temperature degree of the gelatin box from the touch screen. The gelatin solution temperature in the gelatin box also can be controlled to reach the set temperature by the touch screen. Gelatin ribbon’s thickness and uniformity can be adjusted by rotating the adjustable screws on both sides of the gelatin box. Take the dial gauge set on both sides of the gelatin box for reference when adjusting the gelatin ribbon’s thickness and uniformity. There are temperature control and liquid level control for the gel box. Feel free to contact us for such spare parts on softgel machines.






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