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Gummy Candy Drying Trays


Gummy Candy Drying Trays

Drying Tray
We have different types of drying trays for various products such as softgel capsule, liquid capsule, gelatin candy, gummy bear and etc.

1. Tray size: 810x400x80mm(Length*Width* Height)
2. Tray net weight: 1.2kg
3. Packing detail: 12trays per film wrap.
4. Smooth surface, no blur, non-toxic, no damage or scratch to candy surface.
5. Material: food grade PP.


1. sanitary degree for food and supplement.
2. big holes and big gap for better ventilation. 
3. PP material, good quality and long service life. 
4. Well treated surface, absolutely no damage to candies.  


Drying trays for softgel capsule:  

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