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Hard Capsule Counting Machine For Sales


Capsule Counting Machine for Hard Capsule 

Gel Capsule Counting Machine

Joysun Capsule Counter Machine suitable for hard capsule counting and filling; very reliable counting mechanism. Stable and easy to set. Desktop compact design to save working space.
There are 5 channels installed vertically, which means each time there will be 5 capsules falling out of the channels. So a bottle of 60 capsules, those channels will work 12 cycles to fill this bottle. This kind of counting mechanism can reduce the error rates and increase efficiency.   6times*5 per bottle. Compact design can put on the table.
Well design structure, easy to maintain and clean.
All parts are easy to exchange, including PC boards of a control system.
All product contact parts are made of pharmaceutical degree stainless steel.
Vertical capsule chute can increase the counting precision. It can realize the set of any capsule bottle filling number without changing the mold for the same size capsule, so it is very convenient and fast.
The main machine adopts frequency control, which can realize soft start speed adjusting, it is reliable and steady and can bare pretty big starting torque.
All the molds adopt cylindrical pin design, it only needs around 5 minutes to change the mold among different capsule size, which is fast and convenient.

Capsule Counter Parameter

Capsule Counter Working Video 

Combine the desktop hard capsule counting machine with conveyor, and improve it with better electronic control, we get counting equipment that can be connected into the packaging line.


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