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Heat Pump Dehydrator |Heat Pump Dryer


Heat Pump Dehydrator |Heat Pump Dryer

Heat Pump Dryer: 

Our Heat pump dehydrator is different from the ‘regular’ heating dryer which simply uses electric heaters to rise up the temperature and get rid of humidity from raw material. The conventional heating dryer consumes a lot of electric power and not very well in temperature controlling and sometimes make the product too dry. For example, we put roses into a heating oven, it will lose flowers’ original color and lustre. Now you have other choices: Heat pump dryer(also known as heat pump dehydrator), a device combines electric heater and compressor. In this way, only a little electric power is used while the compressor is not enough during drying. In this heat pump dryer, the electric heater only works as an auxiliary part of the compressor. We design good ventilation too. All setting valves like drying time, humidity control, lag time, automatic timing for machine start and stop, overheat protection and etc.,
We present the test video to show the drying effect of the machine.

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Heat Pump Dehydrator Reviews

The Heat pump dryer is a new type of equipment with low energy consumption and meeting environmental protection requirements. This dryer not only intelligently controls the temperature and humidity, easy operation during the whole process, saves time and effort, but also not affected by seasons and weather, continuous and uninterrupted production and other characteristics. It has truly achieved a high degree of automation, closed operation and adjustable amplitude Large, wide product range, ideal for dehydrated vegetable drying equipment.
The equipment is widely used in chemical, food, aquatic products, seafood, agricultural and sideline products, Chinese medicinal materials, wood and other industries; hotels, school electroplating plants, slaughterhouses, and other places.


Heat Pump Dryer General Parts 


♦ Touch screen: simple and clear operation;
♦ Stainless steel cabinet: provides hygienic, enclosed operating space;
♦ Compressor: exhaust high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe to provide power for the refrigeration cycle;
♦ Observation window: convenient to observe product dryness;
♦ Stainless steel tray: makes the product spread evenly for batch drying;

Buying FAQ for Heat Pump Dryers 

1.What price for the heat pump dryer?
Well, the price differs in several factors: volume, operation panel types whether button type or touch screens, electric components and compressor brands. We can make the heat pump dryer upon the buyer’s budgets.

2. How to use the heat pump dehydrator?
It is very easy, by our installation and operation videos, no need engineer onsite guide, buyers can quickly master the drying process and know how to use, how to adjust, spare parts change, machine cleaning, and maintenance.

3. Can I use this one heat pump dryer to make the various products?
Yes, as mentioned in the table above, our machines can make a variety of dehydrated products ranging from herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits to meat.

4. Where to get spare parts for replacement if spare parts wear out?
You can contact us directly, we keep a constant stock of regular spare parts and quick-wear ones. We promise to provide spare parts at favored prices as long as you are using our machine.

5. Where to buy this machine?
Email us directly, providing us your detailed purchasing info. we will check out factory stock, manufacturing time, shipping time, shipping cost and offer our filling machine proposals. And you are very welcomed to visit our factory.

6. How to pay?
You can either T/T to our company account or via credit card, or cash. We will arrange dispatch as long as the receipt of payment.

7. How many types of heat pump dryer Joysun have?
♣ Single Door Heat Pump Dryer

♣ Double Door Heat Pump Dryer
Users can also customize according to their needs.

Compressor Type Heat Pump Dryers Parameter

Semi-Automatic Capsule Machine Parts Detail. 


Shipping Package. 


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