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JTJ Series Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine



JTJ Series Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

JTJ Series Semi-auto Capsule Filler 

We have two models of semi-automatic capsule filling machine, one is the JTJ auto-locking filling machine, another one is the JTJ manual-locking filling machine. The capsule filling speed about the two models are more or less the same. The obvious difference as we can see from the below photo is that the auto type is with a touch screen and a horizontal capsule locking system. While the manual type uses switch and button types, a vertical locking working station. The auto-locking type can lock the two pieces of capsule body and cap automatically and discharge without operator interference.


Technical Point

♦ This gel cap filling machine is suitable for capsule 000# to 5#.
♦ This capsule filler is a good choice for small scale production needs.
♦ Easy operation, stable function, cheap on sales. The training to use such capsule fillers is so easy that only 15-30minutes will be enough and only one operator can do that.
♦ Pneumatic Pedal, Standup Operation, Easy Control Operation Panel;
♦ Two interchange capsule plates to speed up capsule filler process time; The mold change can be done quickly within half an hour. The filling dosage can be adjusted easier.
♦ Coming with a vacuum pump and air compressor as a full set to ship;
♦ We promise a fast delivery about 20-25days;
♦ The whole machine and main parts machine shell, hopper, working table are made of good quality 304 stainless steel, providing the material certificate. There is no risk of machine surface peeling off or contamination.
♦ The machine is in conformity with GMP requirements.

JTJ Semi-automatic Capsule Filler Demo Video

JTJ Series Semi-auto Capsule Filler Paramater

JTJ Series Semi-auto Capsule Filler Structure Sketch 


1.Powder Hopper     2.Horizontal capsule locker     3.Capsule Hopper      4.Air pipe     5.Observation window    6.Touch screen     7.Emergency stop switch    8.Mold    9.Capsule locker switch    10. Filling switch    11. Products outlet    12.Vacuum pump    13.Caster

Facts to consider before buying a capsule filler
a. How many sets needed? Our MOQ is one set. More quantity comes with a discount.

b. What’s the size of your capsule?
c. What’s your material to be filled?
d. What’s your factory voltage system? e.g. China is 380v/50hz/3phase/5wires for industrial power system;  220v/50hz/single phase for household usage.
e. Any special requirements?

Suitable for what size empty capsule?
The standard gelatin empty capsule comes mostly in the above sizes and filling quantities.

We can either customize capsule filling mold to the common size range from 000#, 00#, 0# 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5# gel capsules; or buyers send us empty capsule samples, we make parts according to the real material.
The main shell material is gelatin and veggie material.

gelatin-capsulesCapsule Filler Advantages and Characteristics 

※ Capsule Saving: There is an empty capsule loading switch on the machine, to control when empty capsules should be inserted into capsule chute.  During machine testing, debugging or maintenance, we still need the machine to move but no need to actually filling capsule. We can unplug this switch to realize this purpose. This design is good for reducing capsule wastage, effective and practical.
Below parts is of fine 304 stainless steel material, conform to GMP requirement. Cutting by precise CNC process devices to ensure accuracy, so that to increase the capsule filling rate, decrease the failure rate.
 Low requirement for empty capsule quality; machine with imported speed frequency control, flexible to adjust filling speed.
 Easy calibration, parts change within 15minutes. User-friendly design.Capsule-filler-detail capsule-machine-sow-and-fill-parts

To view the capsule filling machine for the liquid capsule.  

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