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Liquid Capsule Filling Machine Models and Capacity



Liquid Capsule Filling Machine Models and Capacity

Liquid Capsule Filling Machine Overview

To meet the market need to fill liquid into hard capsules, we develop the liquid capsule filler based on the conventional powder/grain capsule filling machine.  The liquid hard capsules can overcome some difficulty filling problems that occur at powder hard capsules. The issues includes low bioavailability of insoluble powder, low melting point powder, low-dose material, hygroscopic, and slow-release medicine. The new liquid capsule filler can hold liquid or paste into the empty capsules. It’s a new formulation for pharmacy usage combining high technology and exclusive performance.


Liquid Gel Capsule Filler Different Models

We have mainly three models of liquid capsule machine with small, middle and large capacity. Empty capsule size from 0-3# is suitable to use on our machine, other sizes are open for customizing.


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JS-series-liquid-capsule-fillerWith decades of years of capsule filling manufacturing technology, independent research, and development, we make our liquid capsule filling, locking and sealing machine to one of the top qualities.

Liquid Capsule Filler Working Demo Video

Liquid Capsule Filler Parts Zoom 


1. Empty gelatin capsule loading, the non-split capsule(split capsule with body and cap is not suitable) is suggested to use on liquid capsule filler; loading medicine liquid onto machine hopper too.

2. Start the machine by click on the touch screen, a series of programmed functions including capsule feeding, capsule body/cap separation, liquid filling, capsule locking, capsule rejection, capsule discharge, and capsule sealing will be finished one by one all in an automatic way. One operator is sufficient. He can oversee the capsule machine working status, at the same time interferes with fine-tuning whenever necessary. The machine goes on quite stably.

3. The high precision ceramic pump is adopted on the machine to ensure small dosing accuracy, controlling the difference within ± 1.5%. Servo motor is used instead of a stepping motor. Good quality linear oil-free bearings to reduce action noise, vibration and prolong the machine service time. The machine is covered by a transparent cover so to make a fully enclosed filling environment, no contamination.

4. We work with top-brand suppliers for crucial parts or components on our filling machine to ensure a long life service time.


Sealing Machine for Liquid Filled Hard Capsule 

Does liquid leak from the capsule? It is a hot question about liquid hard capsules. Due to the lack of qualified empty capsule that can absolutely lock liquid medicine inside the capsule, there is always the risk of leaking whether major or minor. To solve this problem, we strongly recommend the liquid capsule sealing machine whose function is to apply a sealing ribbon in the middle of the hard capsule. capsule-sealing-machineA capsule sealing machine changes the looking of a capsule in an apparent way. The good liquid capsule sealing machine must be very stable and reliable to apply an even layer of gelatin surrounding the locking part of capsules. The layer of the gelatin ribbon should not be too much or too less. Too much slow down the drying process and make capsule not appealing; too less will affect sealing result. Our newly improved JSF-600LB liquid capsule sealing machine can links directly to liquid capsule filler. It has a horizontal driving way to seal the liquid capsule, but a vertical driving system during drying. The vertical conveying of the liquid capsule during drying can speed up the drying process due to the installation direction and drying fan.

Liquid Capsule Filling and Banding Machine Room Space

liquid-capsule-filling-machine-front-viewliquid-capsule-filling-machine-top-viewFAQ for Liquid Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine  


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