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What’s the Difference Between Dies for Gelatin and Vegetable Softgel

What’s the difference between gelatin softgel dies& vegetable softgel dies?

With the popularity of vegetable softgel, more and more manufacturers try to make vegan softgel. As we all know softgel die roll is one of the most crucial parts of softgel tooling, here we’d like to explain some differences between dies for gelatin softgel and vegan softgel.
joysun-softgel-die-roll1. The cavity size differs. One of the obvious differences is that softgel dies to make gelatin have smaller cavities than vegetable softgel does when filling the same quantity. This is because gelatin ribbon has better elasticity, so it can expand bigger to hold more filling medication.

2. Lip design changes. Another difference visible to the naked eye is that we usually use single lip dies for gelatin softgel manufacturing. While in vegetable softgel production, bi-lip and triple-lip are more used. This is also due to the property changes of the shell. We also change the cutting edge height to make a better cutting. A good cutting is directly related to a good seam and sealing on softgel.

3. The utilization rate of dies space is not the same. Since cavity/pocket size for vegan softgel is bigger than gelatin softgel, this means in the same size(length*diameter), the number of cavities on a vegan die is much less than that of softgel die. Therefore, the utilization rate of vegan dies is lower. More shell material wastage and higher production cost.

4. The old wedge, guide plate, and gear can only be used again when the user orders exactly the same dies (with the same cavity shape, size, layout). Otherwise, a full set mold should be replaced.

5. What Joysun Pharma can do?
Softgel dies roll for animal gelatin such as bovine, pigskin, and fish powder.
Softgel dies for vegetable softgel such as starch, tapioca, Carrageenan
Die roll for pure oil
Mold for suspension dosage such as lichenin, lycopene
Cosmetic softgel die roll set
Paintball die roll set
Special shape dies roll such as heart, fish, ball, twisted shapes.
Bi-lip die roller
Triple-lip steps die roller
Brass die roller
Dies for small lab size softgel encapsulation machine as well as the big mass production machine.

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