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Seamless Softgel Machine|Comprehensive Review

Seamless Softgel Making Machine

Seamless Capsule Encapsulating Equipment  

Joysun Pharma Seamless softgel machine is also known as the seamless capsule machine, can make tiny soft gel pills from 2-8mm size. Smaller or Bigger size pills need to test and customized upon the buyer’s requirement.

Seamless Softgel Capsule is a smaller gelatin pill than regular softgel, seamless softgel shell material can be gelatin or vegetable material(mainly using starch and carrageenan). Our seamless capsule machine is widely used to make cigarette beads, fresh breath mint, soft gel pill, fragrance scent pills, cosmetics, nutrients, and medicine. There is single layer gelatin seamless softgel, double layer, capsule inside the capsule.

Seamless Capsule Size: micro ball to small ballseamless-capsule-sizeThe Benefit of Seamless Soft Gel Capsule

♣Visually appealing, easy to consume
♣The low discrepancy in filling volumes
♣Masks unpleasant odors, flavors
♣Low permeability prevents oxidization
♣Can encase potent, powdered drugs
♣Acts as a container for single dosages

How Seamless Softgel Machine Work?

Joysun Pharma presents a seamless capsule making machine working video to show the soft gel pills production process.

How to Make Seamless Softgel? 

1# Gelatin Melting
2# Medicine Mixing
3# Set Encapsulation Machine Ready
4# Run the Seamless Softgel Machine
5# Seamless Soft gel Pill Cooling
6# Inspection
7# Packingseamless-softgel-production-processBy a quick glance, we can see that the general procedure to produce this round gelatin seamless capsule is quite similar to regular softgel capsule production(you can check this in another post of our web). Yes, you are right. Most of the equipment to make seamless softgel and softgel are the same or only differ in detail. The biggest change is the main encapsulation machine. So let’s take a view.

Seamless capsule production VS soft gel capsule production.  

1.Unlike softgel production where vacuum control during the gelatin melting is very important and no easy job. The gelatine prepare here is relatively more simple. Firstly, buy the right quality gelatin powder; Then melting under a certain temperature; whether to use the vacuum or not depends on the user’s preference. Not so strict as soft gel making. Of course, this is our general experience; if the user has special technical process control for a specific product, you have other options.


2. Medicine preparation is according to the user’s formulas. Currently, we have successfully fill edible, essence oil, herbal oil, and some certain paste liquid into seamless softgel, being used in different industries as oral taking food, medicine or body applied cosmetics.

3. During the shell material and filling material preparation, we can at the same time set the seamless capsule machine ready for loading material. Firstly fill the machine cooling system with white oil, make sure the oil amount is enough to circulate the whole machine and still reach the cooling tank level. Add conductive heating oil onto jackets of two hoppers(one for the shell, another one for the filling material); Power on the machine, start preheating and pre-cooling function for different parts according to value inputting in operation touch screen.

Seamless-softgel-dripping-machine4. When the setting is ready, loading the soft gel pill machine hoppers with shell material and filling material. Choose start encapsulation from the operation panel, both materials fall down into the transparent column(which is full of white oil). The shell material falls into white oil, shrinks itself into a round shape automatically because of natural property. Meanwhile, filling material runs down too,  entering the round space formed by the shell. So the two steps happen in a very short time and almost the same time.

5. Those round gelatin drops will run downwards through the transparent column at the function of earth gravity and white oil flotage. After pills go out of the cooling system built-in the seamless softgel machine, they arrive conveyor. seamless-capsule-dryerThen they go through the same cooling process as softgel encapsulating. Seamless Capsule Dryer is the device to cool and dry the seamless capsule by continuously blowing wind toward it. The fan motor is installed underneath the drying baskets; the air outlet is facing toward the small holes punched in baskets. During working, the baskets will rotate themselves, while the wind blows toward it. In this way, the moisture of the seamless capsule is blown away gradually. It takes about 12-24hours to dry one batch production. Seamless Capsule Drying Tray: an auxiliary cooling drying equipment to help future drying. It is made of pharmaceutical degree PP material of a smooth surface, making sure no damage or scratch to the seamless soft gel.

6. The inspection and Packing process can refer to soft gel cap manufacturing too.


Seamless Capsule Testing and Quality Control 

Many aspects of seamless pills should be checked before packing and shipping, factories usually do sampling testing among the batch of products. Testing for capsule properties like hardness, color, capsule strength, form, dimension, sphericity, weight, content test; physicochemical tests specific to soft capsules; film moisture level measurement; capsule strength assessment; disintegration test; general physicochemical tests; atomic absorption, optical rotation; microbial test. The standard level is decided by where and how seamless pills will be used. The criteria for medicine, nutrients, and food differs.

Experienced Data for seamless softgel machine speed.

Liquid Pill after final drying size φ3.5mm, dripping speed approx.: 14pcs/second.

14×3600S=50400caps per hour.

Seamless softgel after final drying size φ8mm, dripping speed approx.: 3pcs/second.

3×3600S=10800caps per hour.

Seamless Capsule after final drying size φ3mm, dripping speed approx.: 20pcs/second.

20×3600S=72000caps per hour.

Machine production capacity is directly related to seamless soft gel size, material property, and water percentage. The above data is based on edible oil as filling material and gelatin liquid as shell material. 


Advantages to Make Seamless softgel Capsule. 

1. One big superiority to produce seamless pills is that it requires very little material for the shell(whether gelatin or vegetable material); because of the below reasons:

1.1 the shell formula for seamless drops is much different from softgel capsule. The water content for seamless drops is much much more than softgel during shell preparation. It reduces raw material costs greatly.

1.2 the shell thickness is also thinner than softgel considering seamless liquid capsules only need to fill a small amount of medicine inside. So the shell thinner the better.

1.3 There is no shell wastage. There is no gelatin ribbon or gelatin mesh left after encapsulation. The gelatin wastage is a big headache for pharmacy factories; it increases production costs sharply.

2. No strict temperature humidity requirement for the encapsulation process. Because 

2.1 the whole seamless softgel encapsulation process is finished inside the transparent column, which means the seamless softgel runs inside a cooling circulation filled with white oil. So we can assume this process is done in a closed environment. It’s not the same as soft gel production where the gelatin ribbon is exposed into room environment during encapsulation. By this comparison, we can better understand why softgel production needs strict control of RT(relative temperature) and RH(relative humidity) while the seamless capsule doesn’t.

3. The seamless liquid pill machine is less complicated than softgel encapsulation machine. So the cost to invest or maintenance is relatively cheap too. Please Checking below the seamless capsule machine structure. 


△ Gelatin Solution constant temperature transferring system:

Gelatin after melting is transferred to dripping nozzles via a high-precise pump. The whole process is with heat preservation by conductive oil. The flow rate of gelatin can be adjusted online to ensure the quantitative uniformity of delivery.

△ liquid material transferring system:

The liquid material is transferred to dripping nozzles via a high-precise pump. The flow rate of liquid material can be adjusted online to ensure the quantitative uniformity of delivery.

△ Dynamic drip collection system:

Both gelatin and liquid material flow through the dripping nozzle, becoming a drop. Liquid material flows inside-cooling liquid, the fast flow of coolant can act as a cutter to separate each dropping pill. During the descend of all materials, the cut dropping pill will shrink into a round shape ball. This is the working principle of seamless soft gel.

△ Circulating refrigeration system:

In order to ensure a smooth seamless soft gel, and to avoid the heat transfer to coolant which affects the refrigeration function of the cooling system; the imported cooling system is applied in the machine.

△ Electrical control system:

The touch screen and PLC are used. The setting of each parameter is simple and intuitive, and the operation can be performed according to the tips on the touch screen.


First Time Buyer FAQ for Seamless Softgel Machine 

1. What if I know nothing about seamless soft gel encapsulation, can I learn to use and start the business?

Yes, you can. We have knowledge and technology to support you. We will teach you how to use the machine, how to R&D a seamless softgel capsule, with the basic and essential guide, you will be able to go on innovation by yourself.

2. What capacity your machine can reach?

Our seamless softgel making machine has a wide range of outputs; from lab use seamless capsule dripping machine to mass production size. We can provide small capacity and large size liquid gel machines by customization. So don’t worry about this.

3. What kind of material can be made into a seamless softgel?

We have successful seamless softgel pills with edible oil, essence oil, herbal oil, herbal paste or cosmetics paste inside. And the improvement never stops. You can discuss to us your need.

4. Do you provide before order sample testing?

Yes, we do. Our lab is doing tests almost every working day.

5. What should be paid attention to during sample testing?

If you are gonna send us material sample to test, there is something you should mention to us:

5.1 What size seamless pill to be made as a sample?

5.2 The shell be gelatin or vegetable material?

5.3 Thickness requirement of the seamless capsules?

5.4 Describe your sample property before dispatch to us.

Where to Buy Seamless Softgel Machine 

Joysun has a collection of 3 models seamless softgel making machines. You are welcomed to inquire.

♣ single head
♣ double heads
♣ four heads
♣ hyper-customized series.

Click on below items to checkout technical parameter

Seamless-softgel-making-dripping-machine seamless-softgel-making-machine-2heads

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