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Softgel Die Roll Mold|Quick Guide to Buy

Softgel Die Roll Mold|Quick Guide to Buy

Softgel Die Roll Mold is one of the most critical parts of softgel encapsulation machine.

It plays a significant role in soft gel capsule manufacturing. In this post, we are gonna introduce our readers from the below aspects.

♠What is softgel dies?
♠What makes a full set of softgel die roller?
♠How does softgel rolling die molds influence the capsule shape?
♠How to buy softgel molds to fit your own softgel machine from China?

Softgel mold is a set of spare tooling in softgel encapsulation machine. It is installed at the center of softgel machine. One set contains the below items.

1. Two Rolling Dies: made from aviation aluminum, a material that is much more costly than regular aluminum. Currently the best quality of all aluminum materials. On the dies, the surface is sandblast processed to have a long service life, anti-oxidation.
2. One Gear: where the tooth number perfectly matches mold distribution.
3. One Wedge: made from brass and with a layer of pharmaceutical degree coating(green or sometimes black)
4. One guide plate: engraved with groove and hole to fit injection time.


Wedge in the middle of two rolling dies, where a perfect and precise symmetry structure. Softgel dies rotate along with the wedge. There are many punched small holes whether at the bottom or side of the wedge. The medicine liquid is injected into those holes, passing holes, finally enter mold cavities.

Joysun Pharma specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of soft-gel capsule roll die. Dedicated technicians with extensive experience in designing& production. We are able to manufacture hundreds of types softgel die roll molds of various shapes& sizes. They are perfect matching China domestic and imported soft capsule encapsulators. (Italy, Korea, India, America, France, Japan).

Our Softgel Die Roll Molds advantages:

A variety of choices:

♦Options like single lip, double lip, triple lip rolling dies.
♦Choices such as for gelatin capsule mold, for vegetable softgel mold.
♦Material is aviation aluminum or even more costly brass.
♦The wedge of a black coating or green coating.
♦Wedge with direct electric heating or with water bath circulation heating.
♦Bottom shooting wedge or side shooting wedge.
♦Cavities number can be controlled according to gelatin ribbon width and client’s preference, cavities layout can be very dense to increase cavities number, and can be sparse for encapsulation beginners to use.
♦Mold cutting edge with higher or lower distance designed upon raw material elasticity.
♦Guide plate can be PTFE material or brass too.
♦High precision, strong hardness, rigidity, and excellent chamfers to ensure seamless and strong joints; Top techniques and optimized cavity layout design to enhance the utilization of soft-gel rolling dies and reduce wastage.

Delivery time:
7-10days manufacturing days; on-time delivery,

Competitive Price:
Softgel mold factory price, contact us for the offer;

A promised return-and-change system, quality insured.

Brass-die-roll-moldheart shape softgel moldsoftgel-die-roll-mold

       Brass Made Softgel Die              Heart Shape Softgel Rolling Mold          Different Softgel Molds

A good pair of softgel dies requires:

Rolling dies match with each other precisely; groove, cavities processed by milling machine or lathe should perfectly synchronize. Cutting edge/rim surround cavities should be the right height to cut off gelatin ribbon; For vegetable/vegan/veggie softgel, the cutting edge will usually higher than gelatin soft gel. Wedge and guide plates should match; bottom shooting wedge, side shooting wedge, electric heating wedge, and constant water heating wedge is improved to make various softgel series.

Tips you should pay attention when buying softgel dies:

*tell us your machine brand and model
*clarify needing molds diameter* length
*provide softgel shape, oval, oblong, tube or other special shapes
*discuss with us the filling material, whether oil or oil& powder mixture

The above detail is the initial info. for softgel mold supplier to draft up design and proposal.

Soft-gel Die Roll Manufacturing Workflow Process Softgel-Encapsulation-Mold-Process

Let’s assume that all other production condition is the same. Then what can softgel dies influence the encapsulation process.

To be continued…

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