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What’s the Temperature& Humidity Control in Softgel Manufacturing?

What’s the Temperature& Humidity Control in Softgel Manufacturing?

Temperature control and humidity control are crucial in softgel manufacturing which will affect the success of production directly. So what’s the data should be and what to pay attention to in a cleanroom environment setting?

1. Softgel Encapsulation Machine Room Setting.
The temperature of the encapsulation room can be at 23-25 degrees for animal softgel. For vegetable softgel, is better set at a lower temperature around 20-21 degree.  If the animal gelatin set too low, will be hard to cut off the gelatin ribbon.  The humidity for animal softgel is also less strict than vegetable softgel. Humidity control is about 30-40%; Good quality gelatin solution can set <40%. Poor quality gelatin ribbon set around 30%.  Some softgel manufacturers ignore the humidity control of the encapsulation rooms because they use old cleanrooms which is not easy to install dehumidifiers. The result is that the drying time of softgel will be much longer.

2. Softgel Drying Room Setting.
Humidity should be under 30%, a suggested range of 25-30%. Too high room humidity will prolong softgel drying time which is a waste of time.  A regular cleanroom is about  25℃ and humidity about 60-70%. Thus sometimes, the factory will neglect the room control.

3. Is the Lower Temperature the Better?
The answer is NO, the gelatin under too cold temperature and with the fan on the encapsulation machine, will plasticized. Die roll is hard to cut off.

4. Is the Lower Humidity the Faster to Drying?
The cleanroom should follow the humidity range, too low humidity initially takes away water faster, but when softgel store in a regular room, it will suck water from the environment again. That’s why too fast drying does not help. Softgel types also differ in the drying process, for example, suspension usually takes a longer time than oil softgel to dry.

5. How to Speed up Softgel Drying Process and Shorten the Drying time?
To shorten the drying time is to cut down production costs in softgel manufacturing. The best solution is of course to plan a suitable cleanroom specifically for softgel production. But not all factories are capable of doing that. Their workshops are already there, no big construction change is allowed. In such cases, Joysun offers two options.
1# Option: Using our specially designed stand-alone dehumidifier to lower humidity while still keep a stable room temperature.
2# Option: Trying out our all-in-one big-size tumbler dryer. It combines a desiccant dehumidifier of temperature& humidity control inside one basket of the tumble dryer. Thus there is no requirement for the softgel workshop.

6. What Does Joysun Have?
As a pro supplier for softgel equipment in China, having a wide range of products, all those developed gradually upon client’s need. Includes:
softgel encapsulation machine
gelatin melter
medicine mixing tank
service tanks
tumbler dryer
drying trays
die roll
softgel washing machine
softgel polisher
softgel printer
softgel sorting machine
inspection table

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