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Paintball Making Machine|Paintball Encapsulation


Paintball Making Machine|Paintball Machine Encapsulation

Paintball is color painted pellets to be shot in the CS airgun game which is usually played outdoors in special fields. Game players shoot paintballs to others strategically.  As more and more people are interested in playing paintball games, the paintball industry brings an increasing amount of profit.

Let’s take a look at sharing the video of GI SPORTZ of how they make paintball. 

The technology to produce paintball and soft gel capsules are very similar; for the most part, they are the same but differ in detail control. So if you are interested to know the whole process, you can also take reference from our blog for ‘softgel capsule manufacturing process’.

Paintball Manufacturing Process 

To make paintballs, the first step is to have a suitable formula to make a paintball shell. It’s crucial to have the right recipe for each material. The main ingredients are gelatin, water, mineral oil, glycerin, and sorbitol. The similar material used in encapsulating softgel. The variety of formulation decides differently types of paintballs. We can make balls of only one color, two colors, and pattern printed paintballs.


Then is the filling material whose main ingredients like starch powder, bean oil, coloring agent, polysorbate and etc., Both the gelatin shell and filling material should be melted and mixed to a very smooth and shining liquid.  All ingredients should be food degree because sometimes paintball will be shot in the opposing player’s mouth. The filling material inside paintball needs to be water-soluble to facilitate clothes washing, and biodegradable because paintballs that are left outdoors need to be naturally degraded without polluting the environment; To be food-grade (non-toxic), just in case it hit a player’s mouth and be eaten accidentally.

Paintball Encapsulation Process

We use paintball making machine to encapsulating the paint and the machine is the same soft gel cap encapsulation machine originally. To make the paintballs, we load two wide strips of softened gelatin(what we call gelatin ribbon) into the encapsulating machine. The liquid is injected into gelatin formed round space via two contra-rotating dies whose surface is cased with cavities and lines. This is the highest technical required process and a lot of physical work to do. The encapsulator needs to take out the meshed gelatin ribbon in about 5-10mintutes while still keep an eye on the machine operation. You have to tune the machine quite frequently to make sure encapsulation going right. Even 1 or 2 minutes of bad products will cause a big problem because the bad ones will mix up the good ones. So keep the encapsulator focus on running the machine efficiently is very important.


Tumbler Drying
Paintball is still soft like gummy bear and with a lot of moisture dripping down from the encapsulation machine. The balls must be cooled and dried via tumbler drying baskets. This process of time can basically get rid of 50% moisture from paintball. The rotation action of the tumbler dryer makes paintball spins around inside the baskets. So when they come out of the tumble dryer, they become dry and round. But still not fully dried, there is still extra moisture inside paintball needs to be get rid of. So finally we put paintballs on the drying cooling again to dry in a natural way. Place paintballs on racks of trays, controlling the room temperature and humidity to remove the last remain moisture. How much time takes for the final drying depends on the factories’ manufacture process and paintball types.

Inspection and Quality Controltumbler-dryer
Before packing, there is a series of inspection, checking and quality control to do. Paintball hardness should be checked, we need to make sure it is as robust as enough to fill into the cartridge of airgun. And we also need to ensure the paintball can blast from a certain distance under the airgun impact, and it should happen at the right time, not rupture before touching anything. Shape and size is another thing to be tested by naked eyes or by machines. Make sure paintball is round and has consistent size. We don’t need to check each paintball, too much work. But we pick them from different layers of drying trays like top, mid, and bottoms and check them randomly, then we get a conclusion.

Encapsulation Control
Medicine preparation: regular cleanroom environment
Gelatin Preparation: regular cleanroom environment
Paintball Making: 18-22℃,35~45% RH
Shaping and Drying: 20-24℃, 20~25% RH
Polishing: 20-24℃,20~25% RH
Inspection: 20-24℃,35~45% RH
Packing: 20-24℃,20~25% RH
Storage: 20-24℃,20~25% RH

Paintball Recycling
The paintball encapsulation process is the most technically difficult step in making paintball; usually, the encapsulators should have years of experience focusing on how to make the paintball machine runs most efficiently and ensure good products. But the reality is that it is quite often to product dis-qualified paintball like balls not having good sealing, not properly filled, not smoothly cut-off. And after dried, more undesired paintballs show. For factories, it is a great loss. So Paintball Recycling Machine is invented to solve this problem. Contact us to know more.


What Output does Paintball Making Machine we have? 


Paintball Making Machine Characteristics

1. PLC automatically adjusts the filling amount of the medicine: saves time and raw materials; the filling accuracy is high, less than or equal to ± 1.5%, which greatly reduces the loss of raw materials.
2. Micro-lubrication system (reducing paraffin oil consumption and saving costs), the oil quantity automatically adjusts according to paintball encapsulation speed.
3. Low noise design, no noise increase during maximum and minimum speed operation. Improve working conditions.
4. Cooling drum adopts separate frequency control, if the gelatin solution spreading is not good during production, regulating cooling drum temperature and rolling speed to solve this problem.
5. For most soft capsules, there is no need to wash with alcohol or ether to prevent damage to the capsules (except for printed soft capsules).
6. The whole paintball machine manufactures with fine quality 304 stainless steel material; transmission parts are of high wear resistance; Paintball mold speed from 0-5rpm, adjusted from touch screen by change value. Using the Swiss CNC machine to cut off crucial parts on the paintball machine; Imported bearings installs to reduce the equipment wear rate, so as to have an ensure service life.


Auxiliary Equipment to encapsulating paintball. 

Paint Gelatin Melting Tank and Filling Liquid Mixing Tank: 100Liter-1000Liter


Tumbler Dryer


Drying Trays and Racks 


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