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Plastic and Glass Vial Ampoule Labeling Machine


Plastic and Glass Vial Ampoule Labeling Machine

Plastic and Glass Vial Ampoule Labeling Machine Introduction

The plastic and Glass Vial Ampoule Labeling Machine is economical, self-contained, easy to operate, and equipped with an auto teach programming touch screen. Built-in microchip storing different job settings makes fast and easy changeover. This automatic labeling system is ideal for slim cylindrical containers with diameters from 10mm – 25mm such as ampoules. The vial labeling machine is specially designed and manufactured according to the principle and technical requirements of automatic labeling. It is especially suitable for labeling the surface of small round bottles; it has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, simple operation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, fast labeling speed, smooth and beautiful labeling, and strong adaptability. 

Salient Characteristics

Vial labeling machine can automatically attach the label to the designated position of the bottle; at the same time, it can print the batch number, production date, and output count. When encountering a shortage of bottles, the control system ensures that the label will not be sent, effectively preventing the waste of labels, and can stepless adjust the labeling speed according to the production characteristics of each factory, so as to ensure that the function can be used alone or in conjunction with other machines.
The labeling machine can adapt to round bottles of various specifications, colors and materials, so this machine is widely used in medicine, food, light industry, beverages, daily chemicals and other industries.

  • Labeling speed up to 250 CPM
  • Touch Screen Control System with Job Memory
  • Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls
  • Full-set protecting device keep operation steady and reliable
  • On-Screen troubleshooting & Help Menu
  • Stainless Frame
  • Open Frame design, easy to adjust and change the label
  • Variable Speed with stepless motor
  • Label Count Down (for a precise run of a set number of labels) to Auto Shut Off
  • The stamping Coding Device attached

Plastic-and-Glass-Vial-Ampoule-Labeling Plastic-Glass-Vial-Ampoule-Labeling

Plastic and Glass Vial Labeling Machine Operation Video

Vial Labeling Machine Parameter  


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