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Round Bottle Labeling Machine|Round Bottle Labeler



Round Bottle Labeling Machine
For different sizes of round bottles, round jars, and round containers 

Round Bottle Labeler Brief Introduction

Joysun JS-1520R model round bottle labeling machine is suitable for any round or cylindrical bottle or containers of wine, medicine, beverage, chemical, agrochemical, etc. It has simple structure and operation, high fitting precision, reliable performance, low power consumption, and very little mechanical noise. The whole machine adopts the mature PLC control system to ensure high-speed and stable operation; the touch screen is easy to read, beautiful in appearance, and it saves more than ten tag parameter sets, which can be quickly set.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine Operation Video: (also ok for glass bottle labeler)

Suitable for round bottle labeling in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries. Half circle or even more than half-circle can be realized on this sticker labeler.

Automatic unscrambler machine can be directly connected to the front-end production line, automatically feeding bottles into the labeling machine, increasing efficiency.
Ribbon coding devices can be installed to print the production date and batch number at the same time labeling happens; online, reducing the bottle packaging process and improving production capacity.
Applicable stickers: self-adhesive sticker, self-adhesive wrapping film, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.
Applicable products: Products that require labels or films on the circumferential surface.
Application industry: widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical, electronics, hardware, plastic, and others.
Application examples: PET round bottle labeling, plastic bottle labeling, food canning, etc.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine Characteristics

1. This equipment is used for labeling round bottles or cylindrical objects.
2. The bottle separating mechanism uses a synchronous sponge wheel to adjust the speed steplessly, and the bottle separating distance can be set arbitrarily.
3. The front section adopts a turntable track feeding mechanism. Stable feeding, large buffer space, and fast speed
4. Multi-point emergency stop button. An emergency stop button can be installed at the appropriate position on the production line to make the connection operation safe and production smooth.
5. The label peeling distance can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is suitable for labels of different lengths, which is easy to use.

JS-1520R Round Bottle Labeling Machine Parameter  

Labeling Machine for Bottles Structure

labeling-machine-for-bottlesAutomatic Bottle Labeling Machine 

After the bottle separating mechanism separates the product, the sensor detects the product passing and returns a signal to the labeling control system. The control system controls the motor to dispense the label at the appropriate position and put labels on the product. The product flows through labeling device. The labeling drives the product to rotate, the label is rolled over, and the labeling action is completed.
Operation process: put products (can be connected to the assembly packaging line) —> product delivery (automatic realization) —> product separation —> product inspection —> labeling —> labeling rolling —> collect the labeled products.

Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine Parts Zoom 


JS-1520R Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Electric Components List  


Bottle Labeling Machine for Sales 

We not only have semi-automatic labeling machine and automatic sticker labeling machine for round bottles, round jars or containers; we also have below series of sticker labelling machines:
1) Round Bottle Labeling Machine JSL-1520R(for round shapes)
2) Flat Bottle Labeling Machine JSL-1530F(installing flat label applicator or flat surface label applicator)
3) Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine JSL-2510D(two stickers adhere to the surface at the time)
4) Vial Labeling Machine JSL-1582V(also known as small bottle labeling machine, or tube ampoule labeling machine)
5) Box Labeling Machine JSL-3520C(also known as small bottling machine, or tube labeling machine)
If you are interested in any items, feel free to contact us. There will be sure one suits your needs.


Other self-adhesive sticker labeling machines that we can do.



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