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Sachet Packing Machine|Automatic Form Fill Seal Machine


Sachet Packing Machine-Automatic Form Fill Seal Machine

DXDK series Sachet Packing Machine: 

How does the Sachet Packing Machine work?
We present the China stick pack machine operation video.

This machine is for granule, sugar, milk powder, honey, and syrup filling and sealing. Joysun packaging machine manufacturer providing vertical form fill seal machine to make bags with three-sides, four-sides, and back-side sealing. Our machine can be used in pharmaceutical industries. Conform to GMP and FDA regulations. Our bag filling machine can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Do you want to get the packaging machine factory price? Welcome to contact us.

Sachet Packing Machine Functions and Application 

This machine has a series of automatic functions such as automatic feeding, measuring, bag forming, filling, sealing, coding and finished product discharging; it can also realize the function of automatically aligning the color code recognition according to the user’s requirements. The loading part of the machine adopts many different ways.
This Packing Machine is widely used in the automatic packaging of non-tacky granule materials in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical products. Products such as  (medicine) granules, grain, instant coffee, MSG, sugar, desiccant, etc. It can also be used for the packaging of powders, liquid, and viscous liquid like honey, syrup.

Stick Pack Bag and Material Refer to Below: 


What Options you can choose to customize your sachet packaging solution?

♣Bag Material:
Nylon film/polyester film composite, polyester film/polyester composite film, nylon film / pure aluminum foil/polyester film composite, polyester film / pure aluminum foil composite, polyester film and other materials that provide heat sealing function (Packaging materials should not be flammable, explosive, perishable, etc. listed as hazardous chemicals or substances)

Flat knife cut, serrated cut, rounded cut

♣Packaging Material:
Granule, liquid, powder

♣Application Industries:
Food, Nutrients, Pharmacy 

Frequently Asked Questions|FAQ for Buying Stick-pack and Sachet Packing Machines 

1.What price for packaging equipment?
There is no quick and sure price to this question, but our sachet packing machine price ranges from six-figure to seven-figure RMB price according to the packing capacity and customized level.

2. How to use the sachet machine?
Normally it is easy to use the stick packing machine. Our technicians will give thorough training in regard to machine installation, adjustment, spare parts replacement, mold change, cleaning, and maintenance.

3. Can I use different bag styles, sizes, and products on one machine?
Yes, you can. Each powder or liquid stick pack machine with a certain range to adjust bag length and width, so users can have different bag sizes; some models are both suitable for granule and liquid. But need to inform us of your material property or send us material to test. 4. How does the filling machine measure an accurate amount of material? For the powder filling machine, we use a screw feeder as doser.

For liquid filling machine, we use liquid pumps as filler. There is no worry for filling and accuracy concerns.
5. How do I choose the right sachet filling machines?
We are professional. The buyer can trust us, give us detailed packing requirement, we will help clients to choose.

Stick Pack Bag and Material Refer to Below 

To provide our clients with high-quality filling machines and long life service packing machines, 80% of machine spare parts and electric components we use are from top brand suppliers worldwide.


Automatic Stick Pack Machine Parameter

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