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Sanitary Silica Hose of Food& Pharmaceutical Degree

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Food& Pharmaceutical Silica Hose

Soft hose and tube are necessary to transfer material in all kinds of food and pharmaceutical industries. In softgel production, we only use sanitary silica hose to do this job. We provide several kinds of silica tubes such as plain hose, hose with lining stainless steel wire(used under vacuum condition); hose with stainless steel connection, the meter can be cut upon requirement. (10 meters per cut max.)

Common Silica Hose Size Table 


Q1: Does the hose with smell?
A2: The hose is made of silicone material, has no odor, and meets food, medicine, pharmaceutical, medical, etc.

Q2: Is the steel wire lining inside silica hose resistant to high temperature and high pressure?
A2: The hose can withstand high temperature from 220 degrees to low temperature -60 degrees, four layers of cloth with one layer steel wire, so it can withstand high pressure.

Q3: Is there a test report?
A3: There are US FDA food and pharmaceutical grade inspection reports with SGS inspection.

Q4: Can it deliver medical water, food, milk, peanut oil, edible oil?
A4: This silicone tube is fully compliant with the requirements of pharmaceutical and food usge, and more than 80% are ordered by pharmaceutical companies.

Q5: What kind of steel wire is lined inside.
A5: The steel wire inside is made of 304 stainless steel wire.

Q6: Are there any connectors?
A6: You can choose the connector. Please specify the type of connector to be described. Generally, quick-open type connectors are used.

Q7: Is the hose soft and can it be bent?
A7: Even with the steel wire inside, the silicone tube is still soft and can be bent at will.

Q8: How is the price calculated?
A8: The price of each specification is different,  you can ask our customer service for details.


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