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Seamless Softgel Machine


Seamless Softgel Machine for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical

Seamless softgel machine is composed of material filling supply system, gelatin melting system, pulse cutting system, paraffin oil circulation system, cooling system, softgel shaping and drying system, and automatic monitored control system.
This machine is applicable to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, daily chemical, food industry. Its products include softgel of fish liver oil, vitamin, nitroglycerin, traditional Chinese medicine, mint oil, plant oil, essential oil and nutrient.liquid-capsule-pill

Seamless Softgel Machine Parameter

A complete seamless softgel production line at least contains the below items:Seamless Capsule Machine Demo Video

Seamless Softgel Machine
Gelatin Melter 50L
Tumble Dryer
Medicine Mixing Tank
Drying Tray and dolly
Vacuum pump
Air-water separator

Seamless Softgel Machine Features
1. High production speed and high finished product ratio.
2. Making seamless softgel with more sizes; size adjustment is convenient.
3. Encapsulating column will not be blocked, the encapsulation process is smooth.
4. Filling quantity difference of softgel is lower than requirement of pharmacopeia, steady and fewer fluctuation
5. On the basis of combining foreign new technology, we have done many improvements and upgrade according to the actual requirement of seamless softgel production which pushes softgel capsule production into a phase of high mechanization and automation. As consequence, the seamless softgel can be dried and shaped directly in the tumble dryer. 
6. To compare with die roll type softgel encapsulation machine, the product of seamless softgel machine have thinner skin, and the cost is lower. In addition, the seamless softgel is easier to swallow.

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