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Sight Glass View Glass for Gelatin Melting Tank



Sight Glass View Glass for Gelatin Melter

A sight glass is a standard fitting on the gelatin melter, so the operator can see through the tank inside. We have DN 60 and DN 80 for small and big gelatin melting tanks. Most of the sight glasses equipped with led lights either battery charging type or controlled by the gelatin melting electric cabinet. Power can be 12v and 24V.

◆The main structure: nuts and clamp connections,  with a circular transparent glass.
◆Using it to inspect the inner reaction of tanks, reactors, and other closed processing containers, not just limited to gelatin melter.   Widely apply in pharmacy, food, and beverage processing industries.
◆With a scraper to wipe the glass clean to view clearly. Wiping of steam or water droplet on the glass.

Technical Specification

◆Gasket ring material:EPDM FPM, FDA177.2600, sanitary type.
◆The parts contact with material:304/316L

Function Options

●Standard type+battery, one-time charging can use 2-3 months (Depending on the use frequency)
●Standard type+cable power supply AC110V-220V, (control from the electric cabinet)
●Standard type+All stainless steel mirror lamp DC24V power supply
●No retention, zero dead angles, high light, white cold light source, waterproof, explosion-proof.


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