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Single Dose Liquid Filling Machine-Small Scale


Single Dose Liquid Filling Machine-Two Filling Heads

small-plastic-bottle-filing-sealing-machine-2-headsA single-dose liquid filling machine can form a special plastic filling cavity under heat. Then fill liquid into the cavity and finally seal it. We have models of five filling heads of 18 type and 24type. To meet the need of small scale production, a two filling heads machine is customized. This 2 heads liquid machine combines the functions of the 18-5p model and the 24-5p model. So buyers can make a much prettier package with a smaller machine at a lower cost and needing less using space.

Single-dose Liquid filling Machine Technical Parameter

What’s the advantage of 2 heads liquid filling machine
The 24-2P Oral liquid filling machine is widely applicable for filling liquid material like detergent, nursing liquid, oral liquid, disinfectant, eyewash, nutrient liquid, alcohol, pesticide, medicine, perfume, edible oil, lubricant, chemical industry and etc.

1. This single-dose filling machine is an upgrade version based on the original 24-5p model. We further optimize and reduce the length of the machine, making it a smaller size and occupy less room space. The power is 5Kw, consuming less electricity than the big machine.  By small size and shorter length, allows the liquid filling machine to enter laboratories and workshop easier.

3. Though it is a small machine, has a man-machine interface/touch screen. Thus the 2 heads liquid filling sealing machine is easy to operate and to adjust. Installing with HC high precision actuator, servo motor and stepless frequency controlling, the machine is quite updated.

4. It uses one film roller: automatic unwinding, Has a photoelectric to track the printed patterns. The buyers can have high-standard packaging requirements.

5. Using an electronic peristaltic pump device. And mechanical piston pump control. Easy to adjust.

6. The machine contact part is high-quality stainless steel 316L, the machine overall is SUS304. Conforms to GMP standards.

7. The bottom of the bottle is flat and can stand up.

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