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Softgel Gelatin Melter|100-150L Gelatin Reactor



100-150L Stainless Steel Softgel Gelatin Melter

100L Stainless Steel Gelatin Melter Description
Joysun Pharma supplied 100L Gelatin Melting Tank is designed for small batch softgel capsule production.100L Gelatin Cooker can hold a 70kg gelatin solution at the most, and the minimum melting capacity is 20L. It works very well with a lab size softgel encapsulation machine where not a big amount of raw material consumption is needed.
100L Gelatin Melter can heat up hot water in its build-in jacket. During gelatin melting, electric heater works to keep a constant temperature around 85℃, so that inside gelatin solution will reach 70℃. In the process, a stable and high degree vacuum is required.
We can also provide a gelatin melting tank for vegetable material such as carrageenan powder, starch powder and compound powder. The tapioca gelatin melter is designed with stronger agitator and bigger mixing power to make sure starch dough can be mixed and melted smoothly.

Gelatin Melting Demo Video

Small Gelatin Melting Tank Review and Structure


1.Motor: Installed at top of the tank to drive gelatin melting agitator; we adopt a horizontal motor instead of a vertical one, to reduce the overall height of the tank after gelatin tank lid lifting.
2.Lip seal: Strong NSK oil seal is used so as no oil leaked from the motor and reducer.
3.Silicone seal: The overall airtightness for the gelatin tank inside using sanitary degree silica sealing at the tank flange. To ensure good sealing and high vacuum degree during melting gelatin.
4.Frame agitator: agitator steadily and slowly rotate inside gelatin solution to help material dispensing and melting.
5.Liquid level view: this is to check heating media inside the jacket to avoid jacket dry burning. If water or oil content is lower than this level, it should be re-filled in time.
7.Outlet: material discharge port is at tank bottom side; though it is not at the center bottom, there is a slope to ensure easy and full material unloading.
8.Jacket temperature sensor: to detect the temperature inside the jacket; by this to control the heating temperature of raw material.
9.Castor: gelatin melting tank can be moved around and put away.
10.Up/Down System: The tank lid with motor and reducer is over 50kg; it is not an easy job to open or close the lid by one worker, so this design can open the lid by stepping on the foot pedal. Effective and Practical.

100L Gelatin Melter Parameter 

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