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Softgel Inspection Machine



Softgel Inspection Machine with Conveyor

Softgel Inspection Machine Description
Joysun Pharma softgel inspecting table is designed with a rolling conveyor to speed out the soft gelatin capsule sorting process. To ease out the visual inspection, we install lights at the top and down of the conveyor; also a mirror to magnify capsule size. It meets pharmaceutical degrees and can test quality for hard capsules, soft capsules, and tablets. One of the devices in softgel manufacturing equipment.

Softgel Inspection Machine Working Video

Capsule Inspection Machine Technical Parameter

Softgel Inspection Machine Working Principle
1. Capsules are loaded into the hopper. Then flow to a vibratory chute where a perforated screen eliminates coarse dust and chips (which will be collected into a container).

2. The capsules enter the inspection stage in a single layer. The capsules are placed on rollers and continuously rotate in front of the operator which ensures a reliable all-sided inspection. An adjustable mirror enables the operator to examine the far side of the product. Optionally the rotation speed of the inspection rollers is adjustable with a separate drive unit (refer to roller speed adjustment), independent of the inspection speed (refer to conveying speed adjustment).

3. Defective capsules can be removed by a hand-held vacuum pen. If there are lots of defective products that appear all together in a short time, the operator can step on the foot-pedal switch to stop conveying, and then use the hand-held vacuum nozzle to remove them one by one. Once the operator steps on the foot-pedal switch, the conveying stops, while the roller still rotates.

4. This inspecting machine is a new product researched to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical sector. It can test outlook quality for hard capsules, soft capsules, and tablets.
Softgel Inspection Machine Main Part
1. Vibration chute: help the capsule goes down smoothly, no clog.
2. Rolling Conveyor(Forward going and self-rotation): capsule can spread out on the conveyor automatically, and speed up capsule moving forward.

3. Top/ Down lights: two sides lighting go through capsules, make naked eyes to see defection easier.
4. Mirror: a magnifying mirror to enlarge capsule actual size, also help inspection, reduce the difficulty, dial down mal-practice rate.
5. Vacuum sucking pen: accurate and quick.
6. Electric cabinet: installed right aside machine, easy to operate and control.

Other options of manual softgel inspection table.
Softgel insepction table:
Softgel machine auxiliary equipment:

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