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Softgel Grinder| Softgel Recycling Machine


Softgel Grinder| Softgel Recycling Machine

What’s a Softgel Grinder
Softgel Grinder is an auxiliary device in softgel manufacturing process to recycle misshaped or unqualified softgel. It is a good choice for pharmacy factories that just start the softgel business. The beginner in softgel formulation might constantly make off-specification capsules which is a great loss. With this machine, users can save as much as 90% filling medicine. We use our patented technology of grinding with an integrated centrifugal separator in the machine. It has characteristics such as a compact structure, reliable performance, high efficiency, and a high recycling rate. The whole machine is deliberately manufactured with fine stainless steel. Good appearance, smooth and bright surface, easy to clean. It is the desired machine to complete the softgel production line which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. 

How does Softgel Capsule Grinder Work
Softgel Grinder Demo video

Softgel Grinder Structure and Components
Loading Softgel into the hopper, use hand to slide open the horizontal baffle; capsule falls down onto cutter(specially made to suits soft gel sizes); press the ‘ON’ button, the machine starts to work. Press the ‘OFF’ button, the machine stops. That’s it. So easy to operate. During grinding, the softgel shell comes out from the upper discharge port while medicine liquid flows out from the lower port. This is because of the centrifugal force and filter design inside the softgel grinder machine. The shell and inside medicine are separated discharge at the same time; saving filtering time. Automatic separation and discharge save labor. It is easy to clean, easy to operate, easy to maintenance, and a simple compact structure.

Softgel Grinder Technical Parameter

Things matter to buy the machine
♣ pay attention to your soft gel capsule size, too big or too small diameter; we need to customize a special cutter.

♣ filling material inside soft capsules can be liquid oil, the paste of oil/powder mixture. Different material properties result in various recycling rates.
♣ buyers can send material to test before order, just to make sure the feasibility of the grinding machine.

Softgel Grinding Experiment Data
Dosage form: oil and powder mixture; paste medicine filled inside the soft gel capsule
Experimental capsule: 4.5 kg
Softgel Capsule Size: Diameter 10mm
Softgel Shell Weight: 2.26 kg
Softgel Filling Medicine: 1.98 kg
Estimated Recycle Rate: close to 90%
Process time: 20minutes for 15KG suspension soft gel (depends on soft gel variety)


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