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Softgel Capsule Printer|Tablet Pill Printing Machine


Softgel Capsule Printer|Tablet Pill Printing Machine

Soft Capsule, Tablet, Pill Printing Machine 

Joysun Pharma softgel capsule printer designs to print patterns or letters on the surface of the soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet, and candy. It is a high speed, stable and consistent performance. Low fault, very easy to use. This kind of printing also known as mold printing where is a hard mold with engraved patterns or letters. It is an option device in the softgel production line.
When the soft gel capsules run through the mold, printing ink will dab the capsule surface quickly like a stamp to print on the engraved information. The ink we use is food grade. This mold printer is a relatively easy one with certain limits such as preferring one color printing or cannot print too many letters or too complicated patterns. The ink should food-grade, edible.

Softgel Capsule Printer Demo Video

Capsule Printer Structure


Capsule& Tablet Printing Machine Parameter

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