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Softgel Dies on Softgel Encapsulation Machine

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Softgel Dies of Softgel Tooling

Softgel dies are a crucial part of softgel tooling. It has a direct influence on the success of soft gel capsule encapsulation.

The timing belt, gear, and worm gearing system are included in the die roll housing assembly (shown in below Fig. )that is mounted on the frame. The driving force from the motor is distributed to the die shaft, feeding pump, leading roller units, and etc. The die roll assembly is the core equipment of the main machine. Two dies are mounted on the left and right die roller shafts respectively. The right die shaft can rotate only while the left die shaft can not only rotate but also move laterally. As the gelatin film is filled into space between two dies, press the gelatin film tightly and evenly in the space between two dies by the pressure device at lateral place of the support that on the left of the die roll housing assembly. A die alignment device is mounted at the back of the die roll housing assembly. Loosen the fixing screw can rotate the right die alone so that align the calibrations of left and right dies to correspond one to one. The driving force of the feeding pump, passed from roller units of machine core through a group of pneumatic clutch devices, can realize the filling time adjustment online by controlling the clutch switch.

There is an oil roller system on each support at both sides of the die roll housing assembly. The purpose is to spread the lubrication liquid paraffin in the lubrication pump onto the surface of the gelatin ribbon evenly.
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