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Softgel Drying Tray with Holes



Softgel Drying Trays 

What is Softgel Cooling Tray?
Softgel Drying Tray is used for the final drying of softgel capsules discharged from soft gel capsule tumbler dryer. Keep a suitable shape with the right humidity of the capsules. Drying trays can be added or removed without affecting the overall running of the cooling device. Those cooling trays are also applicable for soft gels, seamless soft gel capsules, and paintball drying. It is an auxiliary device in the soft gel capsule manufacturing process


Soft Capsule Drying Tray Parameter

1. Tray size: 760*490*55mm(Length*Width* Height)
2. Tray net weight: about 1.5kg per piece
3. Packing Detail: 20trays per carton.
4. Stainless Steel Trolley/Dolly: 800*520*71mm(Length*Width* Height), made of good 304SUS material, food, and pharmaceutical degree.
5. Most cases: 30trays on one trolley; so after all trays pile up, overall rack height is within worker reachable range.
6. Smooth surface, no blur, non-toxic, will not damage or scratch softgel surface.
7. Material: Made of Polypropylene(short as PP), because of PP non-toxic, non-bad odor; good plasticity and stability, light-weight. The most suitable material to make cooling trays.



Big Drying Trays without Holes:
Softgel Encapsulation Machine:

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