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Softgel Injection Pump

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Injection Pump on Softgel Encapsulation Machine

The injection pump(also called feeding pump) is a critical part of the softgel encapsulation machine which can precisely inject liquid into the inner softgel capsule. It fixes on the top of the die roll housing assembly which intakes the material liquid in the hopper and transfers them into the material feeding board combination by injection plunges(20sets, 16sets, 8sets upon machine models). Distributed by the distribution plate in the material feeding board combination, material liquid spray out from the wedge while the extra liquid flows back to the hopper through feeding plunges.

Two adjustable handwheels are set in front of the softgel injection pump. In which the upper handwheel can be used to adjust material feeding quantity. Rotating clockwise (look from the left side of the pump) the quantity will be increased. On the contrary, the quantity will be decreased. There is a dial gauge set in front of the injection pump for quantity adjustment reference. Another hand wheel is used for locking the adjustable hand wheel after the quantity has been determined so as to avoid the set quantity deviation because of vibration during running. Joysun mainly has 3 sizes of filling plunges for small, medium, and large size softgel capsules so as to ensure the filling accuracy.



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