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Softgel Capsule Polisher|Softgel Wiping Polishing



Softgel Capsule Polisher

Demo Video Softgel Capsule Polisher

Introduction Softgel Capsule Wiping Polisher 

Joysun pharma softgel capsule wiping polisher designs to make softgel capsule surface more bright and shining, and at the same time getting rid of extra oil on the surface. It is an optional device in softgel encapsulation machine line. It mainly contains one barrel. The polish pan can turn clock wisely at speed of 0-20RPM with VFD speed control. When capsule polisher stops running, its discharge port will face vertically downward automatically, so that makes capsule discharge easier. One electric box with all necessary safety protection; can be customized upon different countries’ voltage systems. Regular and anti-explosive types are options for clients using different polishing solvents.


Softgel Polisher Operation Steps  

1.    Open cover.
2.    Fill in soft gel capsules.
3.    Throw some cotton cloth in the polish pan.
4.    Close cover.
5.    Switch the rotating button, the polishing process starts.
6.    During rotation, the capsule and cloth fully contact to soak the extra oil outside softgels.
7.    After several minutes, stop the machine, open cover to check soft gel. (manually check whether the soft gel is ready or not, as different types of soft capsules covered with different amount of oil, we cannot give a sure answer of how long it takes; for certain species, try 1/2 times, you will get the experience)

Softgel Polishing Machine Structure and Characteristics


Softgel Wiping Polishing Machine Parameter 

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