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Softgel Die Roll Mold|Softgel Tooling



Softgel Die Roll Mold|Softgel Tooling

Softgel Die Roll Mold Manufacturer

Joysun Pharma specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of soft-gel capsule roll die. Dedicated technicians with extensive experience in designing&production. Joysun Pharma is able to manufacture hundreds of types of soft gelatin capsule molds of various shapes& sizes. They are perfect matching China domestic and imported soft capsule encapsulators(Italy, Korea, India, America, France, Japan).

Softgel Mold Manufacturing Video

Softgel Die Roll Mold Characteristics:

♠High precision, rigidity, and excellent chamfers to ensure seamless and strong joints;
♠Top techniques and optimized cavity layout design to enhance the utilization of soft-gel rolling dies and reduce wastage.
♠On-time delivery, competitive prices, and guaranteed return-and-change system.


Can our softgel capsule mold be used for paintball as well?
Yes, we can design.

What is a full set?
Two matching die rolls, one gear, one wedge, one guiding plate. The package is an AL box suitable for airplane carriers.

How many lips our mold has?
Softgel dies can be made into a single-lip, double-lip, triple-lip cutting edge in accordance with the user’s requirement; and specific softgel material.

What if we don’t buy your encapsulation machine, only order molds, is possible?
Yes, our technician will design molds for use on all other brands of encapsulators.

What else we can provide except softgel molds?
Medicine Filling pumps, plunges, conveyor, brass gel box and etc.

soft-gelatin-capsule-dies-1 softgel-mold-shooting-wedge-1


How does die roll molds work to make soft gel capsules?
1.Using contra-rotating dies and the wedge filling matrix injection system.

2. Accurately metered liquid injected from wedge into the space between gelatin ribbons as they pass between the die rolls. The injected liquid forces gelatin to expand into die roll cavities (to form certain soft gel capsule size and shape).
3. The gelatin ribbons continue to pass the heated wedge and are then pressed and sealed between the die rollers. The extra gel ribbon is cut by raised die rims automatically.

Newly 3 triple lip softgel dies for veggie/vegan/vegetable soft gel capsule

Vegetable Starch Die Roll Mold

Notice For First Time Buyer
Here what we do for First Time Buyer from us.

1. We discuss to find out your softgel dies need or your current softgel mold issue.
2. Get to know your molds filling amount, cavity shapes, measurement precisely; Get photos or videos (good quality photos).
3. We design drawing to you to confirm.
4. Start making mold.
4.1 If we have no experienced data about your encapsulation machine and mold; the safest way to do is that your factory sends us old molds (one full set including die, gear, guide, wedge)
4.2 if we already knew your encapsulation machine, no need to send us old softgel dies.

Common Softgel Size Chart 

softgel shapes and typesSpecial Softgel Sample 


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