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Softgel Tumbler Dryer|Softgel Capsule Drying Process



Softgel Capsule Tumbler Dryer

Why to Drying Softgel?
The purpose of the drying soft capsules is to quickly and effectively remove the excess water from softgel shell; To reach the standard of 12-14% moisture content, and to make the internal and external texture of the softgel capsules meet the quality standards.

After the initial drying and shaping stage, the softgel still has a moisture rate above 30~38% (according to the differences of softgel manufacturers and their production processes). So the factory will normally have softgel tumble dryer set up at two drying stages: the first stage usually refers to cooling and shaping (get rid of water from gelatin shell to about 30-38%); the second stage is drying stage (to reach 12-14%). The drying process cannot be too fast or too hot due to the property of gelatin which is the main ingredient for capsule shell. Gelatin is a high-molecular polymer composed of 18 kinds of amino acids. Long-term heating above 40℃ will accelerate the breakage of peptide chains in gelatin molecules. Therefore, when drying soft capsules, the heating temperature should not be too high, and the drying intensity should not be too fierce.softgel-tumble-dryer
Problems such as softgel sticking together or softgel cracking or leakage caused by improper drying conditions will seriously affect the production. It is necessary to properly guide production by studying the drying principle of soft capsules, reduce costs, and reduce drying time.
Currently, the two kinds of drying equipment are recommended, considering the cost-effective equipment investment cost: that is the combination of softgel tumble dryer and PP drying trays.  Factory of enough budget can also have all drying process done within softgel tumbler dryer; theoretically, a 10″(250-type) softgel encapsulator need about 30-36 sets of drying baskets to reach final drying. The advantage of tumble dryers till final drying is that there is no need worker to flip over capsule drying trays every 3hours. That’s a big load of work and labor costs where labor is expensive.

Softgel Tumbler Dryer Description

This equipment is a tumbler dryer for drying softgel capsules.
The basic working principle of the equipment: when the rotating cage is rotating clock wisely, the soft capsule in the rotating cage/basket is driven by the guide plate inside, and the softgels turn with the rotation of the cage. At this time, the fan blows to the rotating cage, the water on the surface of the soft capsule shell continuously evaporates under the action of the airflow. The water in the inner layer of the shell and of the content gradually migrates to the surface of the softgel shell, under the action of osmotic pressure, and then evaporates; The soft capsule gradually dries to the required quality.


The rotating tumbler dryer realizes the drying and discharge of softgel by forward and reverses rotation. In order to save energy, after the device is powered on, the first section of the cage/basket begins to rotate forward till reaching the set running time; And then begins to reverse rotate to discharge inside softgel to the following cage; Once the next cage receives softgel from the last cage, it starts to rotate; All tumbler dryers go like this to make each cage work continuously, correspondingly and interactively till overall download of softgel capsules.
The softgel tumble dryer always consists of several sections of cages, two sections as a group. Each section of the cage is driven by a geared motor and is equipped with an independent drying fan. Each section of the cage can be adjusted speed by inverter. The control system consists of PLC, human-machine interface and other control elements. The tumble dryer can be operated automatically in accordance with the drying time set by the user or be used manually.
Each rotating cage is equipped with a plexiglass protective cover with a magnetic switch. During the operation of the tumble dryer, when the small view window on the plexiglass cover is opened, the joint cage stops running. At this time, the user can perform operations such as replacing the wiping cloth inside. When the window is closed, this basket will continue to run according to the original operation mode. Each section of the cage is equipped with an electrostatic discharge device. Each section of the cage is equipped with drawers, prevents oil and debris from falling into the rack, easy to clean.
The alarm light is installed at the end of the equipment. When the cage is about to discharge inside softgel, the alarm light flashes to remind the operator to get ready.The emergency stop switch is installed on the control cabinet. When an unexpected situation occurs, press the emergency stop switch to stop the device.


How Does Softgel Drying Basket Work?
After the soft gel capsule formed from the encapsulation machine, it will be conveyed into a soft gel tumbler dryer. The tumbler drying baskets turn clock wisely with capsules inside while transfer capsules forward into the next baskets. By continuously rotation and transferring, softgel capsules cool down and shape themselves gradually. Till all capsules become strong enough, they will be discharged onto PP cooling trays. Those trays will be placed in an isolated room where temperature and humidity are strictly controlled. After 18-24hours further drying at cleanroom. Softgel capsules can go on the next step. Inspection.

Each basket is an independent barrel made of net stainless steel plates. Baskets mean the actual SUS made barrel where soft gel capsule goes into. The net stainless steel plates must be very smooth surface because the soft gel surface is ‘vulnerable’ like a baby. We need to make sure no damage to the surface. There are usually 3sizes baskets that matching small, middle, and large production capacity of softgel encapsulation machine. There is also a double-deck tumbler dryer in regard to room area occupancy. But only the gelatin soft gel capsule is suggested to use a double-deck tumbler dryer. Veggie softgel is not suitable for double-layer tumbler drying.

Softgel Tumble Drying Basket Structure and Characteristics 


Joysun Softgel Tumble Drying Features

a. The cage body is made of stainless steel wire mesh and treated with special technology to ensure that there are no burrs and the capsules will not become black.
b. The rotating cage guide bars and gear adopt FDA approved ultra-high molecular material, the friction coefficient is extremely small, and the capsule will not sticky onto them.
c. The internal guide bars adopt a specially designed asymmetric structure, to ensure that the softgel is evenly dispersed in the cage when the cage is rotating forward.
d. It can be controlled manually or automatically. During automatic control, each section of the cage rotates in accordance with the forward and reverse running time set by the operator.
e. Each section of the cage is equipped with an electrostatic discharge device.
f. There is a safety protection function. When the window of the protective cover is opened, the rotating cage of the node stops rotating, and the rotating cage resumes operation after the window is closed.
g. The alarm light flashes 12 seconds before softgel discharge.
h. The control cabinet is placed on the side of the tumbler dryer.
i. The control system adopts time relay control.
j. Each section of the cage can be controlled manually or automatically in accordance with the preset time of forward and reverse rotation.


Softgel Capsule Tumbler Drying Parameter

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