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Vacuum Emulsifier for Softgel Oil and Powder Paste


Vacuum Emulsifier for Softgel Oil and Powder Paste

Vacuum Emulsifier Description

Vacuum Emulsifier or softgel homogenizer with a vacuum function is designed to prepare soft gel medicine filling contents. Softgel capsules of oil and powder mixture usually have a problem of sediment after encapsulation. So the homogenizing process can help break down big particles into a much smaller size so that oil and powder can reach a more even and homogeneous status. Suspension softgel which has effective ingredients such as herbal medicine, liquid calcium, propolis, and other power/oil emulsion-solution is in need of such mixing tanks. Let’s take a look at such design below:

Vacuum Emulsifier Structure and Characteristics 

vacuum-homogenizer-structureHomogenizer Flow Direction

Below shows the movement of the particles under the impact of the stator and rotor.


Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Series is composed of the emulsifying pot (fluctuating cover, overturn form kettle), water pot, oil pot, vacuum system, heating and temperature control systems, cooling systems, electric machinery control systems, etc.

Working Process:

After the materials are heated & mixed in the water pot and oil pot, they are drawn into the emulsifying pot by the vacuum strength. Adopting the blade stirrer & Teflon scrapers residues in the emulsifying pot that sweep the residues on the wall of the boiler makes the materials wiped off to become the new interface constantly. Then they are cut off, compressed and fold by the blades to stir, mix and run to the homogenizer. By the strong cutting off, impact and turbulent current from the high-speed shear wheel and fixed cutting case, the materials are cut off in cut interstices and turn to particles of 200nm-200um promptly. Because the emulsifying pot is under vacuum state, the bubble that produces in the course of mixing is taken away in time.


The pot cover is an automatic lifting type. The material was directly drawn into the emulsifying pot from oil pot and water pot based on a pipe that is under vacuum state. The discharge is based on overturning the emulsifying pot or bottom discharge valve. The heating system is electric heating or steam heating in the jacket layer, in which the temperature is controlled automatically. Put the cool water into the intercalated bed so as to cool the material, simple and convenient (have a warm layer outside intercalated bed). The homogenizer and the blade stirring can together work and separately work. The material sliming, emulsification, mixing, dispersing, etc. can be finished during a short time. Contacting position adopts high-quality stainless steel (SS316L or SS304 material), the interior surface is mirror polish.


This equipment adopts a homogenizer with high shearing blender, low-speed wall-scrapping blender stuck to the bottom and wall of the boiler. The material contacting parts of the equipment are made of SS316L or SS304 and the inner surface of the container is polished in sanitation grade (300mesh). The vacuum suction of this equipment can prevent the powder materials from flying everywhere. As the whole working process is under vacuum condition, it can avoid bubbling of materials after high-speed stirring.

Vacuum Homogenizer Tank Safety System

1) The emulsification tank lid cannot open under negative pressure.
2) After the lid is lifted, the stirring action of agitators stops immediately.
3) The tank lid can not rise up or lower down when the mixing tank tilted and not back to its original position without reset.
4) The warning buzzer can give an alarm when the lid is raised or lowered.
6) The lifting of the tank lid is controlled by the upper and lower limit switches.
7) The mixing tank is equipped with an electricity leakage protection device.
8) The motor is equipped with overload protection.

Other Types of medicine preparation tanks for options: 


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