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Softgel Gelatin Melting Tank|600L 800L 1000L



600L 800L 1000L Softgel Gelatin Melting Tank

China Stainless Steel Gelatin Melting Tank Description

Gelatin melting tank is the first step in the soft gelatin capsules manufacturing, one of the preparation equipment in soft gel encapsulation machinery. It is to melt gelatin powder with water and glycerin. The gelatin solution will become a qualified mass for soft gel capsule formulation. It contains motor& reducer which drives special shape agitators inside the tank.
Hot water-jacketed gelatin melter can heat up hot water in its build-in jacket. During preparation, the gelatin melting tank works to keep a constant temperature. The temperature should reach around 95℃, so that inside gelatin solution will reach 70℃. In the process, a stable and high degree vacuum is required. For this reason, a hot water pump, vacuum pump, a condenser is necessary for the gelatin melting system.

What does Good Gelatin Solution Look like?   

Well prepared gelatin solution should have as few bubbles as possible, and during gelatin transfer, we should find a way to control the foam generation; not let foam re-generate through discharge. A set of strong and firm agitators should be installed to mix the gelatin dough.

Softgel Gelatin Melting Tank Types and Structure for Options 

Gelatin Cooking Tank Structure& Characteristics:

△Gelatin melter, gelatin cooker, gelatin cooking vessel;
△Gelatin and vegetable powder melting;
△Temperature self-control;
△CIP cleaning ball;
△Auto de-aeration system;
△Hot water jacket self-heating;


1.Motor   2.Spray ball   3.Manhole   4.Jacket outlet   5.Agitator   6.PTFE scraper   7.Jacket   8.Jacket inlet   9.Outlet   10.Hanger

Gelatin Melting Tank Parameter and different models

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