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Tank Bottom Discharge Valve

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Gelatin Melting Tank Bottom Discharge Valve

We use this type of tank bottom ball valve for the gelatin melting tank. It is a fully inclusive ball seat and compensation. Special designed tank bottom discharge valve for clean discharge and drain, no dead angle, minimum material sediment, sanitary valves. With the advantage of high pressure, high-temperature resistance, small torque, long life, to meet CIP and SIP cleaning and sterilization requirement.

It is very suitable for the application in high cleanliness requirements in process systems such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy products, chemical industry, etc.
With such a prototype, configure with a variety of different actuators, we can have electric, pneumatic, and manual models.

Design Features
●Material :304/316L
●Max. temperature:-30℃ – 130℃
●Max.Pressure:Vacuum -10bar
●Operating torque is small
●The handle can be mounted on the side of the valve body regardless of passing fluid.
●The valve can be replaced without change the length of the valve regardless of the connection type.

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