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Tank Manhole for Quick Open and Material Loading

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Quick Open Manhole on Tank

The tank manhole is mainly used for pressure and non-pressure vessels in the fields of food, wine, beverage, pharmaceutical, etc. Manholes are on top of the tank with the size depending on the condition application: larger for ease of adding solids, or smaller for adding liquids or powders. Tank manholes make the liquid in the tank accessible, user can check inside liquid levels, go inside the tank to do maintenance and cleaning. The stainless steel manholes can seal tank, prevent air in/out of the tank, and allow vacuum conditions.  All of them are outward opening. All of our gelatin tank and medicine tank are with manholes.

Design specifications
◎Stainless steel handwheel
◎Option with flange sight glass
◎Surface polish: Ra 0.8um-0.5um
◎Max. pressure: 10bar
◎Material: AISI304/316L
◎Size: 300-800mm
◎Height: 100-150mm
We accept customization.


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