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Tube Labeling Machine|Vial Labeling Machine JS-1582V



JS-1582V Tube Labeling Machine 

Tube Labeling Machine Brief Introduction

JS-1582V model automatic vial labeling machine is customized to put labels on glass vial body and similar size or shape objects such as a syringe, small bottle, ampoule, test tubes. The machine can protect glass vials safe from breaking down. Smooth and careful transmission of all glass materials during labeling. The machine is manufactured under rigid supervision, is in conformity to GMP standards in pharmaceutical and related industries. The high labelling speed of the machine saving production cost and also saves labor and working hours. The automatic ampoule labeling machine is installed with a variable frequency drive system so as to tune speed as needed. Extra online batch number or production date printing function can be set upon requirement.

Vial Labeling Machine Salient Characteristics  

♣ Minimum noise, inclined in-feed hopper ensures a uniform flow of objects for labeling. Strict quality control standards(SOP) during the factory manufacturing ensure trouble-free operation and need minimum maintenance/shutdown time.
♣ Automatic design can be linked with the packaging line.
♣ Automatic and high-speed labeling reaches 220pieces per minute, keep a stable working status around 180 pieces/min.
♣ VFD driving to change labeling speed freely.
♣ Overal stainless steel material and nice finish.

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Tube labeling machine Operation Video: (also includes ampoule labeling)

Automatic Vial Labeling Machine Parts Zoom 


JS-1582V Tube Labeling Machine Parameter  

JS-1582V Vial Sticker Labeling Machine Electric Components List  

Ampoule Labeling Machine Parts Zoom


Tube Labeling Machine for Sales


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