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Seamless Capsule Machine



Seamless Capsule Machine Model and Capacity

Seamless Softgel Capsule is a smaller gelatin pill/beadlet than regular softgel, seamless softgel shell material can be gelatin or vegetable material(mainly using starch and carrageenan). Our seamless capsule machine is widely used to make cigarette beads, fresh breath mint, soft gel pill, fragrance scent pills, cosmetics, nutrients, and medicine. There is single layer gelatin seamless softgel, double layer, capsule inside the capsule.


Seamless Capsule Machine Demo Video 

One Head Seamless Capsule Beadlets Machine 

The lab size seamless softgel machine is the best choice to start a business. With only one dripping head, suits for pilot-scale production or R&D research, widely used in laboratory and universities and in the company’s research and development of the department. It is of low production cost; the investment for the machine itself or raw material consumption is low. And only need one worker to operate this seamless soft gel machine. It’s a trial step to make the seamless mini softgel capsule. It can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, health food, tobacco, cosmetics, and beverage, with high operability, controllable, adaptability, and reliability.


Two Heads Seamless Softgel Machine


Four Heads Seamless Capsule Machine

The four heads seamless capsule machine for mass production needs. Those four nozzles can work at the same time or be used alternatively. Buyers can use only one dripping head when they want to try out a new product or they can turn on all heads for a fast machine capacity. We can make a seamless softgel of two layers, three layers, and four layers. The seamless capsule can fill lipophilic material, hydrophilic material, slurry, and capsule in the capsule. This model of machine is only suggested to the factory who have experience in seamless softgel production.


Seamless Capsule Machine Speed
Note: Below data is one column data(pulsing cutting) for reference, multiple columns multiple the speed.

1. The above data is based on regular oil material such as edible cooking oil; for a specific product, we need raw material or client instruction to do tests and feedback with data.
2. Machine quality and function are ensured, whether the client’s product can be successful or not depends on testing and client’s recipe. We are a machine manufacturer providing machine training and technical support in making new products.
3. If the client is willing to discuss with us their product, we can test and help them improving products; such as try to make the shell a less thickness, hardness of shell, and other texture of seamless capsule.
4. We’d like to help our clients to make new products to fill all effective ingredients into seamless softgel capsules; Everyone’s opinion and suggestion are welcomed to help us improving the machine. By mutual cooperation, we can both grow more mature and bigger.

Machine production capacity is directly related to
♦Seamless capsule size; bigger size, less capsule quantity per hour;

♦Shell material, filling material, water percentage in shell material preparation; The harmonious existence of inside material and out wrapping shell material is very crucial for the success of softgel encapsulation.
♦Operator’s understanding of machine principle; To the manufacturing factory, a good operator who can operate the machine and at the same time understanding what’s going on is a valuable asset. He is able to debug, fine-tune the machine, and knows how to prepare the recipe. He can find out the minor difference during working and try to make the best use of the encapsulation machine.
♦Operator’s proficiency to run the machine;


Parts on Seamless Capsule Machine 

Gelatin hopper: built-in, installed at top of the machine, so the gelatine can flow down by gravity.
Medicine hopper: built-in next to the gelatin hopper; also installed at top of the machine.
Transparent column: the buyer can see through this column to inspect the encapsulation process all the time; so that to interfere whenever and wherever there is a need.
Operation panel: temperature controller and other settings via touch screen; monitoring work condition all the time.
Circulation system: the chiller itself uses R22 as a coolant; while the encapsulation system needs white oil as cooling media. When there is not enough white oil, it should be re-fill in time.
Castors: for moving around during installation of the machine. After the seamless pill machine in the right place, put down the fixed feet so that the machine stands on the floor strongly.
Cooling Circulation system/Chiller: A bigger seamless softgel machine is, a bigger chiller is needed; the cooling system is critical in the whole process;

Seamless Capsule Production Auxiliary Equipment

Small gelatin melter: for lab size, only a 20L gelatin melting tank is sufficient, and one batch can last for 3-6hours upon adjusted encapsulation speed. Users can place the small gelatin tank on top of the machine or can transfer gelatin solution onto its hopper manually. A simplified gelatin tank specifically for lab use is available for choice. Meanwhile, for two and four columns seamless softgel machine, one 100-300Liter gelatin melter is ok.

Seamless Capsule Tumbler Dryer: Special tumbler drying basket is used to rotate capsules; It spins around those capsules inside the dryer and while blow wind to get rid of moisture in the seamless capsule. Two or three tumbler dryers in a successive line to dry capsule steadily. Our tumbler dryer can shake at two ends and discharge easier than regular dryers.
Conveyor: to hold liquid capsule drops onto it.

China-100L-Gelatin-Melter-Melting-Tank seamless-capsule-dryer-1 pp-cooling-tray Softgel-Inspection-Table

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