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Small Mono Dosage Oral Liquid Filling Sealing Machine


Small Mono Dosage Oral Liquid Filling Sealing Machine

1-5ml, 5-10ml, 10-20ml, 20-ml Dose Liquid Filler

Oral Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

Our oral liquid filling and sealing machine can fill a small amount of liquid from 1ml to 50ml into plastic PVC, PET bottles. The liquid filling machine has the functions of film-forming, liquid filling, plastic bottle sealing and cutting; make raw material film into finished packing products. Suitable for various kinds of liquids such as oral syrup, oral nutrients, perfume, hyaluronic acid, cream, gel, solution, and paste. The buyer can choose a lot of pretty filling shapes and customized printing patterns to make the package more appealing, so as to increase their market competitiveness.


Ampoule Filling and Sealing Process-FFS Machine Operation Video

Semi-Auto Mono Dose Filler Video

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Newly Improved Liquid Filling Machine with Servo Motor  

For multiple filling nozzles machines, we update important parts on the machine to make it easier to use and simpler in fine-tuning.
1. the original regular motor is replaced by servo motor, which is more accurate and more compatible with the programmed logic controller(PLC).
2. reduce the 2 rolls of film into 1 roll of film(the old type machine needs 2 pieces of film to run at symmetry and then heat them up into one shape); the current machine only use one roll of film, this film will be folded up in half and form a cavity to fill liquid. This is more stable and the end of filling products should be nicer and can even standing-up.
3. the machine is installed with photosensor which is suitable for printing patterns that need to be symmetric or the package has strict requirements for printing on the film.



Liquid Forming, Filling and Sealing Machine Model and Parameter

Note: data and parameter update without prior notice due to our on-going machine improvement. For more customized detail, contact us supplier for confirmation.