How to Replace Capsule Mold on the Capsule Filling Machine

How to Replace Capsule Mold on the Capsule Filling Machine

How to install capsule tooling on the capsule filler

Installing and replacing a capsule mold on a semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a vital step in the process of filling capsules. Here’s a brief guide on how to perform this task:

Preparation: Before starting, ensure that the appropriate capsule molds for the desired capsule size and type. Check the capsule size printed on the capsule tooling to avoid mistakes (0#,00#, etc.). Keep the capsule tooling clean and free from any residue or contaminants. Many factories don’t pay serious attention to the cleaning issue, which leads to a shorter service life of capsule mold.    

Positioning: Locate the mold housing area on the capsule filling machine. This is where the mold will be inserted. Typically, there are designated slots or compartments for capsule mold placement.

Alignment: Insert the capsule mold into the designated slot, ensuring that it aligns properly with the machine’s alignment pins or guides. The mold should fit snugly into place without any forceful movements.

Securing: Once the mold is positioned correctly, secure it in place according to the machine’s instructions. This involves tightening screws, latches to ensure the capsule mold remains firmly fixed during operation.

Verification: Double-check that the capsule mold is securely installed and properly aligned within the machine. Ensure there are no loose parts or potential hazards that could affect the capsule filling process.

Testing: Before using the machine for actual production, perform a test run with empty capsules to validate the proper functioning of the capsule mold. Check for any abnormalities or misalignments during the trial process.

By following these steps, you can effectively install a capsule mold on a capsule filling machine. Remember to consult the machine’s manual or manufacturer guidelines for specific instructions pertaining to your particular machine model.

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