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FFS Liquid Filling Machine Shape and Material


FFS Liquid Filling Machine Shape and Material

What can the Monodose Liquid Filling Sealing Machine can Do? 
The Monodose Liquid Filling Sealing Machine can do the below liquid or paste raw material into designated shapes.
Plastic bottles mainly are made of PVC/PE, PET/PE composite film.

Single Dose Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine-Disposable Packing


How to choose and buy suitable composite films?
Buyers are very often confused with what composite film and how to choose. They also confuse with which liquid filling and sealing machine is capable of the package they want. Below are tips to tell the difference.
1. First of all, design the plastic bottle package. The most simple ones are transparent color and single color. Then using the labeling machine to stick on a label to define the package. The advantage of such a choice is the low cost of the composite film. Usually, the composite film with multiple colors or patterns on it will cost more.

2. If buyers prefer to have their logos or patterns right on the film surface instead of using a labeling machine, then they should consider whether the logo or pattern spread on the package randomly or have them lay in symmetry. Joysun has two models of single dosage liquid filler. One is for random pre-printed film, the other is for the symmetric pre-printed film.

3. In regard to buying composite film, fewer types of colors cost less. The pre-printed film is a higher price than the non-printed film. PET/PE film is more cost than PVC/PE. The side seal material together is the PE side, which is sanitary food degree to contact raw material.

4. For some special purpose package, buyers need to order special films such as films that can quickly release the aroma into the environment like car perfume.


Joysun plastic ampoule liquid filler can fill liquid into plastic film formed packages of various shapes. Such liquid filling machines are widely used in the food, beverage, cosmetics industries. Package size: 1-50ml. Monodose plastic ampoule has advantages like convenient disposal; suitable for small dosage filling, small size, portable; easy to carry around. Using composite film is less package weight so as easier and cheaper transportation cost. Consumers can carry it anywhere without worrying about leakage or break. And because they are small dosages, users can finish quickly, with no trouble keeping them.

Disposable Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine Video


Raw material samples

olive oil facial cream gel shampoo sunflower seed oil
perfume argan-oil rice bran oil macadamia oil canola oil
avocado oil palm oil coconut oil peanut oil tea oil
pesticide liquid fertilizer OCPS aquacide paraquat
glyphosate herbicide methamidophos fungicide validamycin
insecticide chlorpyrifos plant growth stimulator seaweed organic extract dimehypo