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Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine|One Filling Head


Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine of One Filling Head

Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine

The JS-SF-1 automatic suppository form, fill and seal machine of 1 suppository filling head has a stable and efficient manufacturing process, filling, freezing, sealing and other production processes to complete the whole process, and the production capacity is 1,200-1,800 grain/hour.

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Process flow

1. It will be rolled into the forming area by the clamping mechanism. The mold will be heated by the preheating mold, the mold, the mold, the blow mold, and the bubble forming.
2. And one-time molding suppository for embedded type filling, filling accuracy ±2%, filling material barrel has electric heating insulation system, the top is equipped with a uniform mixing machine in order to make drugs, drug by high precision in VAT filling pump into the filling head, a drug through the other end of the cycle to rest after filling material barrel filling again next time.
3. The suppository of the whole drainage is entered into the cooling box, and the cooling box is equipped with a cold water unit.
4. After being cooled, the solid suppository enters the sealing zone: preheating mold (preheating), sealing mold (seal), marking mold (batch number), The triangle knife will be cutting suppository top edge (cutting edge), hob (top), counting shear.


Function Description

♠ JS-SF-1H Full-automatic suppository machine Line is suitable for the production of special shapes such as bullet head, torpedo shape, and duckbill, to meet the production of your suppository. (according to buyer’s specification)

♠ The equipment adopts PLC programmable control and human-machine interface operation, easy operation, convenient adjustment, accurate temperature control, and smooth operation.

♠ The temperature sensor and microcomputer control system are used to realize high precision thermostatic control.

♠ The liquid storage tank is made of 316L stainless steel, with proper volume, heat preservation and heating function, and accurate temperature control; The tank is equipped with a mixing device to ensure the homogeneity of the liquid in the VAT at any time. The reservoir can be connected with the filling mechanism through the pipe, and the liquid can be kept in circulation to ensure the fluidity of the liquid and satisfy the demand of filling.

♠ The insertion type linear perfusion mechanism can be used to locate accurate, not dropping, and not hanging wall; The single-grain measurement is 0.5-5g and the filling error is plus or minus 2%.

♠ Continuous cooling design, the post-infusion suppository shell can be fully cooled and the liquid-solid transformation is realized.

♠ Continuous strip, continuous sealing, sealing process batch number self-printing; The sealing seal should be well sealed, with a neat appearance and good value of not less than 98%.

♠ Simple and reasonable design, convenient operation and maintenance.


Operation Safety of Suppository Machine
The machine has sufficient safety equipment to guarantee that operators will not be harmed in the operation.

Advantage of Our Suppository Form, Fill, Seal Machine
High Accuracy of Filling
The injection pump body is processed by a special process so that the sealing performance between the piston and the pump body is better, and the infusion volume is more accurate. The dosages can be fine-tuned.

Combination structure of triangle knife and dot line knife
Make the both of triangle and the dotted line knives completely coincide, make the bolted shell achieve the easy tear effect.

Filling parts without sticking material on the pump
The equipment filling pump has high precision, good sealing effect, smooth inner wall, and good stability, so as to achieve the long-term operation without hanging wall phenomenon.

Stirring tank speed adjusting system
Because of the different viscosity of the drug matrix, the mixing effect cannot be fixed and the drug can be mixed before the filling, which can affect the drug content of the finished product.

Fractional cooling system
The cooling system adopts the latest grading cooling technology, which can be cooled and solved the phenomenon of the edge of cooled material drops and fracture when the medicine is tearing apart.

PLC Examine system
The on-line monitoring function of PLC can be used to detect and alarm the fault self-check.

Filling parts equipped with the anti-static system
Note: by filling parts molding shell before if not including the equipment because of trace drug when filling in the flowing area close to the bolt shell under the action of electrostatic force along the shell wall climbing a short level which could reach the sealing parts of the bolt, this will affect the back of the sealing quality.

Filling parts without sticking material on the pump
The equipment has high precision and good stability, so it can run without a wall for a long time.

Easy operation
Control station height reasonable design, machine operation is simple.

Suppository Samples


Joysun Suppository Machine Advantages 

Our automatic production line for a suppository, high-speed suppository line, suppository shell making machine, double aluminum suppository, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, cosmetics, adhesive, etc. The automatic suppository making machine of our company meets market demand of different high, medium and low production capacity, filling volume precision. We have strict quality control, to provide customers with superior performance, quality, excellent suppository filling and sealing machines. We have high-quality technical personnel, have a high-quality working team, can provide perfect after-sales service to customers in time; strong technical strength as the backup is committed to new product design, innovation, development, promotion, dedicated to the most excellent quality, meet the needs of customers.

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Suppository Making Machine Technical Parameter